“Sneakerella‎” opening clip exposed, hip-hop rap is full of rhythm


Disney’s new work “Sneakerella‎” has revealed the opening scene a few days ago. In line with the rhythm of the rap music “Kicks”, a group of actors danced the street dance.

The whole clip is full of power and rhythm, especially the part where the camera is reversed to create an upside-down effect, which is even more cool.

Judging from the entire clip, this will be a song and dance film dominated by singing, dancing and rap, and the sneaker culture in it is also in line with the aesthetics and habits of young people in the United States.

"Sneakerella‎" opening clip exposed, hip-hop rap is full of rhythm

The film tells the dream-chasing story of passionate youth with the plot of “Cinderella”, which is full of passion and rhythm.

As a result, basketball shoes are also endowed with cultural attributes, and even become the emotional carrier of the community.

After 2000, the pursuit of basketball shoes by rap stars pushed the sneaker culture to a climax. Major brands also rely on the frenzy of the market to limit shipments to make the second-hand market price of sneakers soar.

Currently, “Sneakerella‎” is scheduled to land on Disney’s streaming platform on May 13.

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