“Snake Eyes” confirmed to be introduced to Mainland China!


“Snake Eyes” confirmed to be introduced to Mainland China! Focus on the origin story of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

Paramount’s new summer work “Snake Eyes” is confirmed to be introduced in Mainland China!

Henry Golding played the male lead Snake Eyes, Andrew Koji played the rival Storm Shadow, and co-starring Samara Weaving, Úrsula Corberó and others.

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This film is adapted from the comic “G.I. Joe”, focusing on the story of Snake Eyes meeting and meeting Storm Shadow before joining the Special Forces, and becoming a true warrior along the way.

"Snake Eyes" confirmed to be introduced to Mainland China!

Snake Eyes will join Arashikage clan by chance and gradually learn to become a warrior.

However, when the secrets of the past are revealed, can he successfully pass the test?

Many classic characters from the “G.I. Joe” universe will also appear one by one. “Snake Eyes” is full of exciting and addictive oriental violent aesthetics.

“You will see his shortcomings, see the mistakes he made, and at the same time witness that he is doing his best to make up for some of the mistakes you can’t imagine.”

Looking forward to “Snake Eyes” being set soon!

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