Ridley Scott talks about he is still creating a lot


Director Ridley Scott is featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s new issue, and the 84-year-old talks about himself still being productive: “I’ve been flying.”

“I felt like a kid playing around with a fence, with lots of toys, and I would say, ‘The one that looks red and shiny, I’m going to play with that.'” (He wrote a new film in December last year. When scouting for “Kitbag”, he slipped on a rock by the French sea and injured his hand with a rusty screw on the driftwood)

Ridley Scott talks about he is still creating a lot

“When you get to my age, the worst thing is (when you get hurt) they’re going to think: ‘Oh, old people aren’t good anymore.’ We’ll see you later.’ So I went to the hospital with a bloody hand, got stitches, and that sort of thing, and I recovered like a shark, and I was fine. My mom would say, ‘You’ll be fine .’ So I’m fine.”

“I haven’t really thought about why, why I’m so busy, but I just don’t want to rest. I’ve been flying, so I’ve been working: I’m afraid of missing something.”

His son Luke Scott talks about his father, saying that he is as productive now as he was when he was a child: “You have to understand: he is not working, filming is a kind of rest, relaxation for him, which is what keeps him going. reason.”

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