Ridley Scott used swear words to Russian journalists, and the specific reason for his anger is unknown


According to Russian media reports, when director Ridley Scott was promoting his new film “The Last Duel” during an interview with the country’s media recently, he suddenly sweared’Sir, f* you. F* you.’ to reporters.

The reason seems to be that Russian journalists said that “The Last Duel” is more realistic than “Heaven” and “Robin Hood”.

At the beginning of the interview, Ridley Scott first introduced the film. He said: “Don’t let art affect the story. My job is to make sure that the beautiful pictures don’t overwhelm the story. The most important thing is the central story and the characters-the plight of women. .”

Ridley Scott used swear words to Russian journalists, and the specific reason for his anger is unknown

The Russian reporter then asked: “It looks more realistic than Kingdom Of Heaven or Robin Hood”

Ridley Scott replied: “Sir, f* you. F* you.” Then he added: “Thank you very much. F* you. Go f* yourself, sir. Go on.”

The Russian reporter was not angry, but was amused by Ridley Scott’s reaction, and Jodie Comer next to him also showed an awkward and polite smile.

Some netizens said that maybe the Russian journalist’s question about the reality of the costume film is a bit offensive, and Ridley Scott will be angry.

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Some netizens also think that “The Last Duel” may have a fiasco at the box office (the global box office of the film with an investment of more than 100 million US dollars is only 27 million US dollars), which has made him feel bad and angry recently.

Earlier when Ridley Scott accepted Mark Malone’s podcast, he said that he didn’t blame the distributor Disney.

Ridley Scott used swear words to Russian journalists, and the specific reason for his anger is unknown

“I think in the final analysis-this film didn’t work at the box office because of the problem of the audience who grew up with mobile phones. “The generation born in the 00s” doesn’t want to learn anything unless you tell him on the phone.”

“Of course this is a broad generalization. Just like Facebook has become a problem now, the cognition of “the generation born in the 00s” has become a problem. (Mobile Internet that relies on mobile phones) is misleading, it has given this generation Wrong confidence.”

But for the box office failure, Ridley Scott did not feel too frustrated.

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He said: “I decided to make this movie, and Fox decided to invest. We all thought the script was good, and then we made it. You can’t sell it at the box office every time. I made so many movies, Never regretted it.”

“I learned to self-review very early. The only thing you should care about is what you just did and look forward. Make sure you are happy and don’t look back, that’s me.”

Ridley Scott will soon turn 84 years old, and his directed “The House of Gucci” has been released on November 24.

Next, Ridley Scott will also direct Napoleon’s biopics “Kitbag” and “Gladiator 2” and supervise the series of “Blade Runner” and “Alien”.

The second season of “Raised by Wolves” produced by him will be launched next year.

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