“Predator: Skull” will feature women as the protagonist


Producer John Davis recently revealed to the media when promoting “Jungle Cruise” that the fifth new film in the “Predator” series “”Predator: Skull“” has been shot 3/4.

Directed by Daniel Trachtenberg, director of the American drama “The Boys“.

Predator: Skull” takes female characters as the protagonist and tells the story of the early arrival of Predators to Earth, which is a bit similar to “The Revenant“.

​​​ ​​​​Several versions of “Predator” have been filmed. In 1987, the original “Predator” starring Schwarzenegger had a sequel “Predator2“.

In 2004 and 2007, he filmed two “Aliens.vs.Predator” biography.

In 2010, Oscar winner Adrien Brody starred in the relaunched version of “Predators” and in 2018 made another version of “The Predator”.

"Predator: Skull" will feature women as the protagonist

Predator: Skull” should be regarded as the fifth main story of this series, and the specific schedule has not yet been announced.

Predators are alien races with a high degree of civilization. They are close to humans in appearance, but have animal-shaped features.

Predators have fangs, strong claws, tall, strong and strong, and their skin is mostly beige. They have network cables all over their bodies to carry trophies and fixed weapons and equipment.

Predators can also use them to sense weapons and equipment, and only need muscle movements to operate the weapon system.

Predators have huge heads, high brain capacity, thick hair, and eyes that resemble human eyes, but the images they see are very different.

Their mouths have good teeth, with 4 tentacles on the outside and fangs.

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