Nicolas Cage will return for “National Treasure 3‎”


Recently, “National Treasure 3‎” finally has new news. Filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer (“The Rock” “Pirates of the Caribbean” series) said in an interview that they are currently writing the script for “National Treasure 3‎” and that Nicolas Cage may return.


On the Reddit forum, someone asked: “Any plans to work with Nicolas Cage again in the near future?”

Jerry Bruckheimer replied: “Of course, I love Nicolas Cage, he’s a great actor, and we’re writing the script for ‘National Treasure’ right now.”

Nicolas Cage will return for "National Treasure 3‎"

“National Treasure: Book of Secrets‎” was released in 2007, and both works in the series starred Nicolas Cage. Other details of “National Treasure 3‎”, including the lineup, are currently unknown.

The follow-up news of the film still has to wait for the official announcement, and we will continue to pay attention.


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