After 9 years, Sif is finally coming back in “Thor: Love and Thunder”!

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After the second trailer of Marvel’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” was launched, a series of settings were exposed, which also made many fans look forward to this movie more and more.


Among them, in addition to Gorr the God Butcher, who made his debut for the first time, “Mighty Thor” Jane Foster may have attracted the attention of countless fans!

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The big highlight this time is Mjolnir, who we thought was crushed by Hela and then recast in “Thor: Ragnarok‎”.


But in fact, Mjolnir has not been recast. According to the preview, Mjolnir is still in a state of fragmentation, but it is “gathered” together by the power of Thor contained in it.

The biggest breakthrough of this setting is that the Mjolnir that was thrown out was only single damage, but this time “Mighty Thor” doesn’t need to throw the hammer completely, just throw the broken part out, and it can achieve a group It hurts a little bit…


Of course! In addition to the highlights set in these trailers, on the “Thor: Love and Thunder” poster released by Marvel, some fans found that in the cast and crew list below the poster, a name that had been missing for 9 years reappeared in in.


That’s right – the character “Sif” in “Thor: Love and Thunder” is finally back!

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Fans familiar with Marvel’s “Thor” series of films should know that in “Thor”, the first female character to accompany Thor is actually Sif.

But Marvel seems to prefer Jane Foster, so the movie version did not let Sif have a more important core plot setting.

For this reason, this character is just playing soy sauce in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After “Thor: The Dark World”, this character basically disappeared from the main storyline of the Cinematic Universe. The most recent appearance Possibly a cameo in “Loki”.


As for why the role of Sif did not return after the filming of “Thor: Ragnarok‎”, the reason was not that Marvel had forgotten her, but that Jaimie Alexander, who played “Sif”, was busy filming “Blindspot” starring her at the time. drama.

Therefore, in the face of schedule conflicts, Jaimie could only decline Marvel’s invitation at that time.

However, this may also leave a silver lining for Sif’s return in “Thor: Love and Thunder”!

After all, fans who have watched Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok” should know that in the movie, due to Hela’s strong return, the Asgard royal court was killed, and all of Thor’s former friends were offline. , and “Sif” luckily “escaped” this crisis because of the schedule.


Therefore, in the return of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, although it is not yet known what kind of attitude Sif will take to go online, it is certain that the movie will definitely give an explanation to Sif’s “absence” in Ragnarok.

At present, the most likely possibility is that Sif went to the other nine realms at that time, and happened to be not in Asgard, so he did not participate in this war.


However, the return after 9 years may be a consolation for Thor. After all, among the former best friends, there may be only one Sif left now, presumably the reunion of the two in the movie will be a highlight.

But I don’t know if the role of Sif will continue to be permanent in the following movie plots.

In the setting of Marvel Comics, the existence of Sif is not “diluted” like in the movie. In fact, in the original book, Sif is Thor! wife


She once helped Thor manage all the affairs of the royal court when Thor was not in Asgard, but she also almost cheated in the comics.

The specific thing is this – in a war when Surtur invaded Asgard, Odin decided to sacrifice himself and use his soul to completely seal Surtur in order to solve Surtur.

But obviously, for Odin’s sacrifice, Thor, as the son and the new king of Asgard, simply cannot accept it.


To this end, in the subsequent plot, Thor directly asked Sif to help him manage the entire Asgard, and he embarked on the road to find the soul of Odin.

Obviously, facing the whole Asgard affairs, Sif in the comics was a little powerless, and Sif at that time sought Beta Ray Bill to help himself.

After 9 years, Sif is finally coming back in Thor 4!

As a result, after Beta Ray Bill agreed, Sif and Beta Ray Bill had constant daily contact, and Sif found that he had a feeling for Beta Ray Bill beyond friendship.

But because this emotional sign was obviously inappropriate at the time, and Marvel probably wouldn’t allow this kind of operation, so in the comics until the end, neither Beta Ray Bill nor Sif made further actual moves.

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