Netflix’s new ‘Resident Evil’ live-action series releases special, cast members will appear to talk about the behind-the-scenes footage of the series


Netflix’s new live-action series ‘Resident Evil’ has released a special featurette in which the creators will appear one by one to talk about the behind-the-scenes shooting of the series.

The new ‘Resident Evil’ US series will have two story lines.

The first one is about 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker moved to Raccoon City, gradually found that something is not right here, their father may be in possession of a dark secret that can destroy the world.

The second article tells the future more than a decade later, when there are less than 15 million people left on Earth, and the number of people and animals infected with the T-virus mutated zombies up to 6 billion.

Growing into her 30’s, Jade struggles to survive in this new world, while secrets about her, her sisters and her father still linger.

Netflix’s new ‘Resident Evil’ series will officially launch on July 14 with a brand new story written by ‘Supernatural’ scribe Andrew Dabb.

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