Netflix will adapt Stephen King’s novel of the same name “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone”


A few days ago, Netflix has plans to expose a new film. According to reports, Netflix will adapt Stephen King’s novel “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” into a movie of the same name.

The current John Lee Hancock of The Blind Side plans to adapt the script and direct the film.

The gold medal producer Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum and others collaborated to produce the film.

In terms of actors, Donald Sutherland and Jaeden Martell will join the crew. In the film played two protagonists, one old and one young.

Netflix will adapt Stephen King's novel of the same name "Mr. Harrigan's Phone"

The protagonist of the story is a little boy who accidentally became friends with a billionaire because of an iPhone.

When the rich man passed away, the iPhone was buried with him.

The little boy was surprised to find that he could contact the dead rich man through his mobile phone voice message.

The novel inherits Stephen King’s consistent characteristics, starting with an unexpected little thing and magnifying it to all aspects of life.

This is the fourth Stephen King novel adapted by Netflix.

The first three are “1922”, “Gerald’s Game” and “In the Tall Grass”.

Stephen King is a well-known American novelist, prolific and award-winning.

He has written scripts, column comments, and served as a film director, producer and actor.

Stephen King’s works have sold more than 350 million copies, and he is known for his horror novels, which vividly summarizes the entire development history of this category.

His works also include science fiction, fantasy, short stories, non-fiction, film and television scripts, and stage scripts.

Most of Stephen King’s works have been adapted to other media, such as movies, TV series and comic books.

He received the Medal for Outstanding Contribution to American Literature in 2003.

Currently, “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” plans to land on Netflix in 2022.

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