Casting of “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” is revealed, Joe Tippett joins the crew


Joe Tippett, who once performed well in the American drama “Mare of Easttown”, has a new film plan to be exposed. It is said that he will join Netflix’s new film “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” and will play the protagonist Craig’s father.

The film is adapted from Stephen King’s novel “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” and tells a story of life and death.

The protagonist of the story is a little boy, Craig, who accidentally became friends with a billionaire because of an iPhone.

Casting of "Mr. Harrigan's Phone" is revealed, Joe Tippett joins the crew

When the rich man passed away, the iPhone was buried with him.

The little boy was surprised to find that he could contact the dead rich man through his mobile phone voice message.

The novel inherits Stephen King’s consistent characteristics, starting with an unexpected little thing and magnifying it to all aspects of life.

As for the people behind the scenes, John Lee Hancock, the director of “The Blind Side”, will adapt the script and direct the film, while gold medal producers Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum will collaborate to produce the film.

The famous actor Donald Sutherland and young actor Jaeden Martell will play key roles in the film.

“Mr. Harrigan’s Cell Phone” is the fourth Stephen King’s novel adapted by Netflix. The first three are “1922”, “Gerald’s Game” and “In the Tall Grass”.

Currently, “Mr. Harrigan’s Cell Phone” plans to land on Netflix in 2022.

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