Netflix released a large number of stills of “The Witcher Season 2”, it will start broadcasting today!


The series “The Witcher Season 2” produced by Netflix will start airing today. Recently, the official release of a batch of new stills.

The new stills show Geralt, Vesemir, Ciri and many other characters, let’s take a look~

It is reported that a major core of “The Witcher Season 2” is elves. Elf queens and powerful wizards will appear, and Ciri will join the demon hunter’s camp.

People across the continent are tracking her, so she must learn how to fight, especially the devil in her heart. Demon hunter training is still very hard.

Ciri’s magical talent needs a teacher to guide, and she will also meet Yennefer in Fort Wenger.

In addition to the old characters in the second season, there will be many new characters and many new monsters.

In “The Witcher Season 2,” Geralt will be more talkative than in the first season, and there will be fewer swear words.

All eight episodes of “The Witcher Season 2” will be shown on the Netflix platform at 4 pm on December 17.

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