“Ms. Marvel” reveals new trailer, 16-year-old girl imitates “Captain Marvel”


Marvel’s new drama “Ms. Marvel” revealed a preview. Iman Vellani played a 16-year-old Pakistani-American girl who especially admired Captain Marvel, and also made a Cosplay shirt. I didn’t expect that one day she would really have superpowers.

Ms. Marvel Kamala is the first Muslim superhero in Marvel’s film and television works. She is an excellent student, a diehard gamer, and a fan fiction writer. She loves superheroes, especially Captain Marvel. The character will also appear in next year’s movie “The Marvels”.

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"Ms. Marvel" reveals new trailer, 16-year-old girl imitates "Captain Marvel"

Kamala’s super powers in the comics include the ability to change the size of any part of his body at will.

She is a potential Inhumans who accidentally acquired superpowers through Terrigen Mist after a class reunion, and was found by Carol Danvers, then Ms. Marvel, who gave her the title “Ms. Marvel”.

The show will be launched on Disney+ on June 8 this year.

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