“Moonfall”: Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi disaster film released a new trailer


The sci-fi disaster thriller “Moonfall” directed by Roland Emmerich, the director of the classic disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow”, “2012”, and “Independence Day” has released a new trailer.

“Moonfall” will be released in North America on February 4, 2022.

The film was starred by Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Charlie Plummer, Michael Peña, and Donald Sutherland.

"Moonfall": Roland Emmerich's sci-fi disaster film released a new trailer

“Moonfall” tells the story of a disaster that triggered a mysterious force that knocked the moon off its orbit and rushed towards the earth.

At the moment when time is running out, a small team of people from the bottom society launches a final blow to the moon.

They hope to solve the mystery and save the earth from extinction.

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Halle Berry will play an astronaut-born NASA executive in the film. Her previous missions provided clues to the disaster.

Patrick Wilson plays a disgraced former NASA astronaut Brian Harper.

His last mission ended in tragedy and also provided ideas for the coming disaster. Plummer played his son.

Michael Peña plays Tom Phillips, a wealthy car salesman, who is married to Harper’s ex-wife Brenda (Carolina Bartczak),

John C. Bradley plays the weird, unsharp genius KC Houseman, who is obsessed with space and predicted that the moon has derailed.

Maxim Roy plays the time-tested Captain Gabriella Auclair, whose fighting spirit helps heroes save the world.

Stephen Bogaert plays NASA Administrator Albert Hutchings.

The script for “Moonfall” was completed by Emmerich and Harald Kloser, and Lionsgate was responsible for the North American distribution.

“Moonfall” will be released in North America on February 4, 2022.

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