“Lightyear” releases new trailer and poster


Pixar’s new film, “Toy Story” popular character “Lightyear” prototype single movie “Lightyear” released a new trailer and poster.

The astronauts start their missions and embark on a fun and grand interstellar adventure. Cats who are good at ranting and evil alien robots (?) steal the spotlight.

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Voiced by Chris Evans “Steve Rogers”, he tells the origin story of Lightyear’s prototype human astronaut: a young test pilot who grows into a space ranger.

"Lightyear" releases new trailer and poster

“Lightyear,” directed by Angus MacLane (“Finding Dory‎”), with voices from Taika Waititi, Keke Palmer, and others, will hit theaters in Northern America on June 17.

"Lightyear" releases new trailer and poster

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