Jazz queen Amy Winehouse biopic preparations, interpretation of the life of a genius


British jazz singer Amy Winehouse, who died young, is the favorite of many fans.

A few days ago, producer Halcyon announced that it is producing a biopic about Amy Winehouse.

The film will be adapted from Daphne Barak’s biographical literature “Saving Amy” published in 2010.

Jazz queen Amy Winehouse biopic preparations, interpretation of the life of a genius

The original book finds clues about Amy Winehouse’s life from a large amount of historical facts, and completes the narration of Amy Winehouse’s life.

Author Daphne Barak has uncovered Amy’s life in front of the world from 40 hours of recordings, photos and exclusive documents.

In addition, the book was assisted by Amy and his family.

In the last three years of Amy’s life, she provided the author with countless exclusive first-hand information.

Amy Winehouse was born in 1983 and is considered one of the outstanding female jazz singers of this era.

Her songs seem to come from an unfathomable heart, with a bewitching magic.

Sadly, Amy has become a prisoner of success, media, emotions and lifestyle.

In this society, people admire her for her talents on the one hand, but on the other hand they are hurting and consuming her mercilessly.

On July 23, 2011, singer Amy Winehouse, who had won 6 Grammy trophies, passed away at the age of 27.

The cause of death at the time stated that she died of alcoholism.

However, the results of multiple autopsy showed that eating disorders and drug abuse had already tortured her body very weakly.

In 2015, a documentary called “Amy” was released, which tells the life of Amy.

The film subsequently won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film.

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