“Hypnotic” adds more actors, Ben Affleck and Hala Fenley collaborate


The movie “Hypnotic” directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Ben Affleck has recently added an actor.

It is understood that child star Hala Fenley will join the crew and will play the role of Ben Affleck’s daughter in the film.

In “Hypnotic”, Ben Affleck will play a detective.

While investigating a series of robberies, he became involved in a conspiracy involving his missing daughter and a secret government project.

“Hypnotic” has now entered the preparatory stage, and the start-up time is scheduled for September 27 this year.

"Hypnotic" adds more actors, Ben Affleck and Hala Fenley collaborate

“Hypnotic” was originally scheduled to start up at the end of 2019, but it was postponed to April 2020.

But the epidemic disrupted the pace of work throughout Hollywood.

For a while, the outside world believed that “Hypnotic” had been hidden by the producer.

However, after the epidemic improved, the film entered the production process again.

As an entertainer spanning directors and performances, Ben Affleck is busy with work.

Earlier this year, there was news that he would adapt “Keeper of the Lost Cities”.

The novel was written by Shannon Messenger and has the name “Harry Potter Wizard Edition”.

The novel tells that 12-year-old Sophie is different from ordinary people. He is not only a genius academically, but also has different abilities from ordinary people.

One day, Sophie met Fitz, an elf boy who was constantly looking for him, and realized that he was not a human, but an elf in the human world.

Fitz took Sophie to visit the world of elves and confirmed that elves did exist and existed in the same world with humans.

However, the filming of “Keeper of the Lost Cities” may not start until “Hypnotic” is completed.

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