Hugh Jackman + Laura Dern starred in the second “The Son” of the “Family Trilogy”


In 2021, the Oscar-winning film “The Father”, which debuted on the big screen in Mainland China for the first time, continues to be screened.

Since the film was released, it has received unanimous praise from authoritative media, film critics and the general public.

"The Father" director's new cast: Hugh Jackman + Laura Dern starred in the second "The Son" of the "Family Trilogy"

The director’s new work has been confirmed, and the new cast is super eye-catching

As the only Oscar-winning film in the Mainland in 2021, “The Father” received 760,000 heart-warming support during its first month of release.

Under the circumstance that the number of screenings is not dominant, “The Father” has created a record of 4 consecutive days in the number of new films in attendance. The box office has risen all the way against the trend, and the outstanding performance has been unanimously optimistic in the industry.

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“The Father” is adapted from the stage play of the same name by director Florian Zeller. Its excellent reputation and box office results have made the film attracted worldwide attention.

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"The Father" director's new cast: Hugh Jackman + Laura Dern starred in the second "The Son" of the "Family Trilogy"

Therefore, “The Son”, the second part of the “Family Trilogy” with “The Father”, will also be featured on the big screen.

Florian Zeller returned to directing and co-wrote the script with Christopher Hampton.

“Wolverine” Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern will play together, the super cast lineup is full of expectations.

In addition, Hugh Jackman will also participate in the production of the film as an executive producer. The film is produced by Sony Pictures (under SONY PICTURES CLASSICS) and is worth looking forward to.

Father and daughter affectionately

"The Father" director's new cast: Hugh Jackman + Laura Dern starred in the second "The Son" of the "Family Trilogy"

High-score word-of-mouth masterpieces continue to accompany the summer files

“The Father” tells the story of Anthony, who is elderly and ill, is caught in a space-time vortex of intertwining memories and reality during the conversation with his daughter Anne.

The film’s maze-like viewing experience, father-daughter family stories, the god-level interpretation of Oscar winners, and the film’s profound humanistic care have received numerous praises.

Many viewers said that it was not enough to watch it once, and they went to the theater for the second or third time.

This summer file allows the “Oscar winners” father and daughter to continue to accompany everyone.

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