Hollywood Stars Take Salary Cuts for joining ‘Oppenheimer’


According to media ‘Variety’, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Emily Blunt and other Hollywood stars took the initiative to reduce their salaries to participate in Nolan’s new film ‘Oppenheimer’. Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, who played supporting roles, were only paid about $4 million, which is much lower than the usual commercial films they receive.

Hollywood Stars Take Salary Cuts for joining 'Oppenheimer' | FMV6

Pay is an important consideration when actors work with big studios, but when it comes to big directors like Nolan and Quentin, or small budget literary films like Sundance Film Festivel, actors are sometimes willing to make concessions.

Hollywood Stars Take Salary Cuts for joining 'Oppenheimer' | FMV6

Christopher Nolan directed the World War II political thriller ‘Oppenheimer’ budget of $100 million, in the category of drama film is considered a large investment, but for a group of Nebula set of films, or relatively “shabby”.

Of course there are prerequisites for the stars to take a pay cut, such as the movie will enjoy a share of the box office after it is released. However, a pure drama is less likely to sell well at the box office, but the stars are willing to take a chance with Nolan.

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