‘Harry Potter’ Daniel Radcliffe may become a director, creating films based on his own experiences


Actor Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his role as Harry Potter, has been working hard to broaden his acting career after leaving the “Harry Potter” franchise.

A few days ago, some media revealed that the actor who was born as a child star has already written a script and is seeking opportunities to direct it himself.

It is reported that Radcliffe’s script is related to the industrial system of Hollywood.

'Harry Potter' Daniel Radcliffe may become a director, creating films based on his own experiences

In an interview, he said he had written a script but would not be starring in the film: “I’ve actually written a little bit, and people always say, write something you know. But I already have a Very unreal life and I didn’t want to write that. So, I just wrote a little bit about the Hollywood industry that I know. Also, I really wanted to direct this movie. For two reasons. The first is that I never did Director; the second is that I can’t handle two things at once. Also, directing a movie means watching it a thousand times in the editing room. I can’t stand watching my performance so many times, so, I’ll just skip this step and not act in this movie.”

Judging from Radcliffe’s rhetoric, he very much wanted to direct the film, but he was reluctant to star in it.

After leaving “Harry Potter”, Radcliffe has been trying to get rid of Harry Potter’s influence.

He has made a ton of low-budget films, ranging from comedy, horror, indie, cult, and more.

Currently, his latest film “The Lost City” is in theaters.

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