Global distribution rights to Jason Momoa’s new ‘Murder Mystery’ movie goes to Warners


Global distribution rights for Jason Momoa’s new film “Murder Mystery” belong to Warner Bros.

1905 Film Network News on May 6, according to media reports, the global distribution rights of the new film “Murder Mystery” starring Jason Momoa finally belonged to Warner Pictures after a fierce competition.

Global distribution rights to Jason Momoa's new 'Murder Mystery' movie goes to Warners

At present, the “Murder Mystery” project is in the preliminary preparation, the plot has not been announced yet, and the director candidate has not been determined. In addition to this project, screenwriters Matthew K. Firpo and Ryan Firpo also have a war movie called Doom in the works.

Due to the limited information released on the “Murder Mystery” project, it is not yet possible to tell what role Jason Momoa will play.

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