“Geralt” Henry Cavill: Ready to return to DC to play Superman again


“Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill recently talked about the idea of ​​replaying the role, he wants to give “Man of Steel” a new lease of life.

Superman is an important part of all DC comics stories, but unfortunately, Henry Cavill left the role informally to some extent.

"Geralt" Henry Cavill: Ready to return to DC to play Superman again

With the departure of Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck, the misconduct of Joss Whedon, the unfair treatment of Ray Fisher, and the cancellation of Joe Manganiello’s “Deathstroke”, Henry Cavill left the role of Superman, and he has always been open to playing Superman again.

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Now that Henry Cavill has been able to consolidate his influence outside of DC by starring in “Mission: Impossible-Fallout”, “Enola Holmes” and “The Witcher”, he seems willing to give Superman a second chance.

In an interview, Henry Cavill was asked if he still kept Superman’s clothes.

"Geralt" Henry Cavill: Ready to return to DC to play Superman again

He replied: “I still keep the suit, and the cloak is in the cabinet. Just in case, I do! I do! I am ready to answer the phone. There are still a lot of roles for me to play Superman. The story can be told, and I would be happy if I had the opportunity.”

Henry Cavill went on to talk about what it means to play this role. “I haven’t worn Superman’s suit for a long time. When I look back on the past, I think what a great opportunity this is. Even if I stop acting tomorrow. Life, to live on a yacht or steamboat, I can still look back and say that I once wore a cloak and jumped around there to bring joy to some people.”

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