Gal Gadot exposed the new developments of “Wonder Woman 3”, the entire crew focused on the script


Since the official announcement at the end of last year, the production of “Wonder Woman 3” has been on the fast track.

A few days ago, in an interview with the media, “Wonder Woman 3” starring Gal Gadot said that the film is currently advancing various processes in an all-round way, and everything is planned.

Gal Gadot exposed the new developments of "Wonder Woman 3", the entire crew focused on the script

Gal Gadot said that the entire crew is focusing on the script.

But she can’t reveal to the outside world any hint of the storyline and direction of “Wonder Woman 3”, otherwise “they will catch me and expel me from the crew”.

In terms of directors, Patty Jenkins, the director of the first two films, will continue to lead the tube to escort the film.

As for the leading role, Gal Gadot will not miss the role of the heroine.

As for the villain, there is currently no specific news.

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Earlier, it was reported that “Wonder Woman 3” will be Patty Jenkins’ last “Wonder Woman” movie.

She said: “In “Wonder Woman 2”, I got a lot of opportunities to realize my unfinished dream. For me, to be able to show her power in the peak period is an exciting thing. Her There is also a struggle inside. On the surface, she is a goddess, and she is fighting for humans. The next movie will be my last “Wonder Woman” movie. I will show my thoughts and details. So , We need to be careful.”

In addition, Toby Emmerich, President of Warner Pictures, said in a statement: “Patty and Gal Gadot will return to the filming of the film, and they will work together to draw an end to this trilogy.”

In this way, “Wonder Woman 3” seems to be the final work of the series.

As for the future of the heroine, it is not yet known.

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