Dylan Clark: “The Batman” will redefine Batman, I want to surpass Nolan


“The Batman” will be officially released on March 4, 2022. The producer of the film, Dylan Clark, recently accepted an interview with the foreign media “Empire” magazine, saying that he had been in front of Christopher Nolan and said he would surpass his ” “Batman” trilogy.

Dylan Clark said that for decades, the audience has been exposed to various images and stories about this superhero. This is a challenge. They not only have to make a compelling movie, but also become the audience that they have seen on the big screen. The definition version of Batman.

Dylan Clark: "The Batman" will redefine Batman, I want to surpass Nolan

That is, there is a thousand Hamlet in the hearts of a thousand readers, but Dylan Clark hopes that he is the only Batman in the audience.

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Dylan Clark: Batman has a history of more than 80 years, so how to remake is a very acute question. When they decide to do this project, they will immediately have a feeling of “what are they doing and how to do this”.

Dylan Clark: "The Batman" will redefine Batman, I want to surpass Nolan

Dylan Clark also revealed that he had said directly to Nolan: “Look, we are trying to be the best Batman ever, and we have to try to beat you.”

Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy has achieved very good results in both word-of-mouth and box office.

Unlike other superhero movies, Nolan’s “Batman” is not a popcorn movie on the market.

Nolan’s “Batman” exposes Bruce Wayne’s growth from a rich orphan to a dark knight fighting criminals.

Dylan Clark: "The Batman" will redefine Batman, I want to surpass Nolan

The villains in the movie have high IQs and firm beliefs, and the movie has a dark style as a whole.

“The Batman” will also cover the early experience of the protagonist “Batman” and will join the classic villain in the original comics.

Director Matt Reeves also said before that this will be the scariest version of “Batman”.

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