Dwayne Johnson explicitly rejected Vin Diesel’s “Fast and Furious 10” invitation


According to media sources, in an interview with CNN recently, Dwayne Johnson explicitly rejected Vin Diesel’s previous public invitation to return to “Fast and Furious 10”.

“I was very surprised by Vin Diesel’s recent message. In June, Vin and I actually had contact on non-social media platforms. At that time, I clearly told him (privately) that I would not return to this series. I am very determined. He responded amicably and said that he would always support the cast and the results of this series, but I cannot return. I have also talked about this with my partner in the world in private, and they all know the problem and support it. my decision.”

Dwayne Johnson explicitly rejected Vin Diesel’s "Fast and Furious 10" invitation

Dwayne Johnson added that he felt uncomfortable with Vin Diesel playing family and brother cards.

“Vin’s recent public message is an example of confusion. I don’t like his approach of bringing his children and Paul Walker in the message. Don’t involve others. My goal has always been to be grateful. And gracefully let my wonderful journey in the “Fast and Furious” series come to an end. Unfortunately, this public dialogue messed up things. Anyway, I have a passion for the rapid-fire universe and its ability to continuously please the audience. With confidence, I sincerely wish my past co-stars and crew members good luck and success in the next chapter.”

In November this year, Vin Diesel called on social media to invite Dwayne Johnson to join “Fast and Furious 10”, stating that no one but him can play the role of Sheriff Hobbs well.

Vin Diesel added: “My brother Dwayne (Vin Diesel is 5 years older than Johnson), it’s time. The world is waiting for “Fast and Furious 10”, and you know, my children call you Uncle Dwayne at home Every holiday they and you will send blessings to each other. But the time has come, the inheritance is waiting… A few years ago I said to you: I will fulfill my promise (to Paul Walker), I promise “Fast and Furious 10 “It will be the best’Fast and Furious’, I say this because of love… You have to come back, don’t let this series go to waste, you have an important role to play. No one else can play the Sheriff Hobbs, I hope You act to fulfill your destiny.”

Since then, Haiyun Garcia, producer of Dwayne Johnson’s “7 Dollar Production” company, said to foreign media: “You can never predict and control some things. Johnson is the world’s number one movie star. Many people invited him to act. Thank you for your appreciation…We haven’t talked about this yet, but who can tell you right in the future.”

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