‘Dune: The Sisterhood‎’: ‘Chernobyl’ Director Johan Renck Reveals New Work to Create a Prequel to ‘Dune’


On April 27, according to media reports, “Chernobyl” director Johan Renck will participate in the creation of “Dune” prequel series “Dune: The Sisterhood‎”.

'Dune: The Sisterhood‎': 'Chernobyl' Director Johan Renck Reveals New Work to Create a Prequel to 'Dune'

In Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 film “Dune,” “The Sisterhood” is depicted as a religious organization with members with superpowers akin to wizards and mediums.

It is worth noting that “The Sisterhood” only attracts women and controls the major families through marriage.

In the 2021 version of “Dune”, Timothée Chalamet’s mother “Lady Jessica” in the film is a member of “The Sisterhood”, and she also taught Timothée Chalamet “voice control”.

In a conversation with Duke Leto Atreides, we can also learn that the members of “The Sisterhood” also have the ability to control the sex of the fetus.

The episode “Dune: The Sisterhood‎” tells the story of the organization’s origins and how it balances forces in the universe.

Currently, the show’s schedule has not been announced.

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