Don’t expect Batman to appear in the first “Batgirl” movie!


“Batgirl” protagonist Leslie Grace confirmed that Batman will not appear in this upcoming HBO Max first solo movie.

In an interview with ET, Grace discussed her reaction when she talked to DCEU “veteran” Margot Robbie about “Barbara Gordon/Batgirl” when the casting was confirmed.

Don't expect Batman to appear in the first "Batgirl" movie!

“I’m terrified!”

“I’m a fan of Halle. She is one of the biggest villains in the superhero world. I haven’t had a chance to meet her yet, but if Batgirl can play against her at any time, that would be great. Halle Kui Yin is passing by Gotham and has something to deal with. It might be cool!”

Grace then sent Robbie a message saying that she was “a super fan”.

If Robbie thinks “it’s a good idea to let Harley Quinn come over and see, [the actors and staff] welcome all help.”

In addition, she added, “Batman is doing a lot of things.”

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So, the implication is that if Grace has read the complete final script by default, then it can basically be assumed that Batman will not appear in this movie.

But at the same time, a comforting message is that “Batgirl” will likely exist in DCEU.

We still know very little about the details of the plot of “Batgirl”, but it is not surprising that Batman will not appear.

Don't expect Batman to appear in the first "Batgirl" movie!

If this is a movie in which Batman and Batgirl are linked, WB will not let it be shown in theaters, and will only be released on HBO Max?

Who knows~

In this movie, JK Simmons will basically return as Gordon, and the villain will most likely be Firefly.

Firefly is the villain that DCEU has hinted at for a long time. Its method is the same as that of Super Girl (MOS), and it is part of the big BVS project (prequel comics).

So far, DCEU has developed into an expanded universe integrating movies, comics/graphic novels, drama series, animation, and even games in the future.

“Batgirl” is currently scheduled to be broadcast on HBO Max in 2022, and the specific date has not been determined.

If it is true, then there will be 6 DC movies released in 2022 (currently known).

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