Disney unveils titles for all six episodes of ‘Zootopia+’ at D23 Expo


When Disney’s Zootopia premiered in 2016, audiences were hooked! We weren’t just captivated by Judy and Nick’s charming relationship, but we also fell in love with the animal populated metropolis with districts catering to all kinds of environments. According to a source on Collider during this weekend’s D23 expo, we got a bit more info for the upcoming ‘Zootopia+’ series which is set to debut on Disney+ in November 9th of this year!

Zootopia follows Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), a small bunny from a small bunny district with big dreams of becoming a police officer in the big big world of Zootopia.

When she’s faced with a strange mystery involving the predators of the city, she teams up with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) who unravel the case and track down who’s behind these strange attacks.

Disney unveils titles for all six episodes of 'Zootopia+' at D23 Expo | FMV6

Zootopia was a commercial and critical success upon its release, and even ran home with the Best Animated Feature Oscar of that year!

Since its announcement in 2020, production of Zootopia+ has been mostly kept in the dark. However, over the weekend Disney released the titles of all six episodes for the series.

Here they are in a list below:

  • The Real Rodents of Rodentia
  • Duke the Musical
  • Hopp on Board
  • The Godfather of the Bride
  • So You Think You Can Prance
  • Dinner Rush

One of the most charming elements of Zootopia is its large world and equally large cast of colorful creatures. Zootopia+ aims to shine some more light on these secondary characters.

We already got hints on whom we’re going to see from the teaser image released last June.

In it, we see Judy’s parents, DMV sloths Flash and Priscilla, Weasleton, Benjamin Clawhouser and Chief Bogo, a young Mr. Big, and his daughter Fru Fu.

Judging by the cast and the titles, it’s pretty easy to point out which characters will appear in what episode. Back in June, we also got special hints from the show’s director of cinematography and layout, Joaquin Baldwin. Each episode is summed up in three emojis each, which are prime

Baldwin also confirmed with a fan that each episode will be a short, but with the same visual quality as the original film.

Earlier this year, Disney premiered one of the shorts at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. The episode in question was The Godfather of the Bride and told the origin story of Mr. Big. The short was very well received upon release for its references and humor!

Alongside the Zootopia+ news, Shanghai Disneyland also had something to share. D23 featured a special exhibit with a sneak peek at the upcoming Zootopia-themed world coming to the Shanghai park. The features included a model cart, concept art, and a couple of adorable puppet characters hard at work on the park!

Despite its silence on Zootopia since 2016, Disney continues to expand on the beloved film, and who could blame them?

Despite Nick and Judy’s story having a pretty closed ending. The movie has an incredible world that is perfect for introducing new characters.

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