Disney presented Bosman with the opening remarks of the new version of “Black Panther”, aiming to start filming the sequel next March


November 29 is the birthday of the late “Black Panther” starring Chadwick Bosman, and it is also a special day for the entire crew. After all, how will the sequel of the series be arranged after losing the leading role? Now that Marvel Entertainment has said that the sequel will be filmed, who will replace Bosman as the leading role? Especially when many movie fans learned that the new version of “Black Panther” has entered the creation process, they were worried about the cast. On the morning of November 30th, Beijing time, in an exclusive interview with Hollywood reporter Ryan Parker, Disney Chairman Bob Iger wished Bosman a happy birthday. The company gave the late actor a new version of “Black Panther” opening remarks , And said: “To all Black Panther fans, watch this movie in Disneyland later, and pay special tribute to the people who have been with us forever in the future.” I believe many people who are passionate about Marvel superheroes. Fans will ask: the new version of the series has all the prologues out, who will take over the leading role?

Bob Iger also revealed some details about this: “I know everyone is worried about the starring issue, this really can’t be revealed. But rest assured, we (Disney) will strive to shoot a sequel in March next year.” Because of the previous Netflix production Tenoch Huerta, the star of Narcos: Mexico, will join the cast of Ryan Kugler’s untitled film, and Marvel’s plans for a sequel to Black Panther have become the focus. In other words, in addition to the starring issue after Bosman’s death, other cast members also have variables. From the remarks of Disney executives, we can know that they are trying to start shooting in March next year. The main problem to be solved is not the loss caused by the special period, but the determination of the cast. Filmmakers Ryan Kugler and Marvel Studios are trying to navigate the grief and the necessity to move forward. These are all things that people pay attention to.

So what about the opening remarks of the new version of “Black Panther” that Disney presented to Bosman? Some people may think that it was the bridge of the crew shooting the sequel. In fact, it was the short documentary of the actor from interviewing the role of Black Panther to becoming a well-known actor with that role. It included a short documentary at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City two years ago. Dwick Bosman attended the screening of “Black Panther” hosted by the Film Association. In other words, this opening remark gave fans the space and channels to return to the late actor. About thirty minutes long, the Marvel comics scene is a montage of Bossman’s beloved work as King T’Challa, aka Black Panther. Marvel’s trademarks are all purple, and the actor is affectionately called “king”.

Let me also explain the fact that Marvel Comics is preparing for the shooting of “Black Panther 2”. The film actually started shooting in Atlanta in July this year. Due to the epidemic, it will continue for more than six months. In other words, when the sequel was created, Bosman was still alive, and the crew did not know that he would have an accident. In other words, in the sequel, Bosman might not be the original starring role. Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta, once one of the leading actors in Netflix’s “Narcos: Mexico”, is negotiating to play one of his opponents. Letia Wright, Lupita Niang Au, Winston Duke and Angela Bassett are expected to return to the new series. Of course, some Black Panther starring from other countries will continue to spread. Whether to return is still under discussion.

I believe many fans will ask: Can the sequel of “Black Panther” start shooting smoothly in March next year? In addition to the unexpected death of the leading actor, continuous special circumstances have also interrupted the shooting and distribution of many movies, and they have been changed and changed in the fourth phase of Marvel’s plan. Marvel Comics is also about to enter 2021, which is the busiest year in its history, because it not only has to deal with multiple movies that were originally planned to be completed in 2020, but also has to make a big push into TV. In particular, the global epidemic has caused viewers to turn the mainstream viewing platform to the streaming media platform, which is also the direction Disney needs to adjust. For this story, Marvel did not comment, nor did it reveal how it plans to proceed without Bossman, although it has stated that it will not use CGI to include the late star in the film.

Although “Black Panther 2” has received special attention, it is many Disney series that have been scrutinized by Kevin Feige and his executives. A source who understands the company’s strategy said: “Series products are the top priority, and it takes a lot of effort to increase investment, because a stricter censorship mechanism for Hollywood movies has been established.” In March this year, the studio operated by Feige began production. “The Hulk” starring Tatiana Maslani and Oscar Isaac’s “Moon Rider”. All this will be released on the Disney Channel. Therefore, it is possible that Black Panther may delay the shooting time not only because of the special period in Hollywood, but also because of the excessive workload of Disney.

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