“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”: returns with the oldest villain. What is the fate of the protagonist?


After the end of “Avengers4”, Marvel movies ushered in their fourth phase, during which many movies have been put on the agenda. Today we will talk about the movie “Doctor Strange2”.

In the movie “Doctor Strange”, we can feel how powerful the villain Doctor Strange faces, and the backing of the villain in “Doctor Strange 2” this time is even more scary. From the comics, we can know that this villain is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. He is also inextricably related to the powerful Thanos in “Avengers3”. He originally exists in the script of Fantastic 4 Here, his appearance in “Doctor Strange2”, what kind of surprises will it bring us?

This time the villain is a powerful creature that has been born since the beginning of the Marvel universe, and expands its energy by swallowing planets in the universe. Since the beginning of the universe, but now the Marvel Universe has gone through countless eras, after such a long time of accumulation, how huge the number of planets this villain has swallowed, and how terrifying his energy will be.

After Marvel took back the copyright of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, “Doctor Strange 2” became the masterpiece of the fourth stage of Marvel movies. He will open the multi-universe of the Marvel series of movies, and the multi-dimensional war will be triggered at any time.

In “Doctor Strange”, we also know that Gu Yi mage is the most powerful supreme mage on earth. She practiced dark magic in order to fight the invasion of the dark dimension. It made her feel very guilty in front of many disciples. After finding the disciple of Doctor Strange, she was relieved by death.

Here we also saw the power of Doctor Strange, fighting against Domam, he insisted on slowly “wasting out” Domam in the long river of time through the gem of time. As we all know, the opponents Doctor Strange faces are god-like existences in the Marvel universe, Domam in “Doctor Strange”, and Thanos in “Avengers4”. Then, in the face of this powerful enemy, after the death of the most powerful guardian on the earth, Gu Yi, what kind of battle will Dr. Strange fight?

After the end of “Avengers 4”, whether the gem of time is still in the hands of Doctor Strange or not, we have no way of knowing, so in this time against many villains, what kind of means will be shown is a topic of heated discussion among netizens. The most talked about is, “Doctor Strange2” will usher in the most ancient magic eye, in the face of this powerful villain, whether Doctor Strange is fully prepared.

Facing this powerful villain, what kind of wonderful battle will Doctor Strange have? Let’s wait and see!

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