“Suicide Squad” may all characters will be killed


Death threat! “Suicide Squad” may all characters will be killed, and James Gunn is threatened by the Internet every day.

“Death threat” is simply understood as “the author is threatened by fans because he will cause the character to face death”~

This is the “privilege” that any author has ever received~

(James Gunn) revealed that since he has confirmed that some (or all) of the characters will die in “Suicide Squad”, he can receive threats from fans on the Internet every day.

This movie has now been confirmed as an independent sequel to David Ayer’s version of “Suicide Squad”, which means that it is neither a direct sequel nor a soft restart.

It’s not a reboot, everyone~

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While releasing this news, James Gunn also revealed that he is interested in some other DC projects. Combined with his announcement that “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” is the last movie in his series, this news is quite exciting. , Choose a day to tell everyone in detail.

Now, just look at the results of this “Suicide Squad”.

Regarding the issue of character death, when the first poster of the movie was released, there was a slogan saying “Don’t be too obsessed”~ In other words, as a real R-rated movie, any character in it, even the protagonist, It is possible to die in a ruthless and unexpected way for the audience.

When talking about “Suicide Squad”, James Gunn also admitted that multiple beloved characters may indeed perish. (However, since it is a publicity period, it may be just a marketing strategy. Specifically, you still watch movies)

Death threat! "Suicide Squad" may all characters will be killed, and James Gunn is threatened by the Internet every day

Although it is not yet clear who will die in this bloody mission, various theories and speculations have flooded countless domestic and foreign marketing accounts.

Because of the guidance of these unofficial information, James Gunn has brought a little bit of trouble to James Gunn, that is, he is subject to various threats every day.

But everyone can feel that the overall style at the beginning of this article is still very relaxed, because James Gunn himself said that most of the feedback he received was positive, and only a few were negative.

Moreover, the common threats are as follows~

“This is a threat. If you kill (character name redacted) I will hatecrime you.”

So, this kind of comment is okay. On the whole, it is a kind of love for the character and appreciation for James Gunn’s ability. It is not insulting, nor is it a real “death threat” (referring to the blade).

This is acceptable for directors like James Gunn who has gone through a lot of wind and waves, so there is no need to worry about it as a fan.

It’s just that, when the media speculated that seven villains would die in the film, James Gunn replied: “At least this (a guess) is pretty optimistic.”

Judging from all the propaganda and speech of James Gunn, “Suicide Squad” will undoubtedly be a movie full of brutal massacres.

Therefore, until the summer is released, we will not know which characters will survive.

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