Dave Franco and his wife write the script for Amazon’s new film”Somebody I Used to Know”


On August 31, according to foreign media reports, Dave Franco will direct Amazon’s new film “Somebody I Used to Know”, which is his work after the thriller film “The Rental”.

The script of “Somebody I Used to Know” was co-written by him and his wife Alison Brie. Alison Brie will also star in the film.

Dave Franco and his wife write the script for Amazon's new film

In addition, the “Somebody I Used to Know” lineup also includes Jay Ellis and Kiersey Clemons.

“Somebody I Used to Know” tells the story of workaholic Ali (Alison Brie) spending a night with her ex-boyfriend Sean (Jay Ellis) on her way home. She began to question her choice and what she has become. people.

When she met Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons), things became more chaotic, and this young woman reminded her of her past self.

Currently, the film is in the preparatory stage, and the shooting and release time is to be determined.

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