Daniel Brühl and Macaulay Culkin Join Social Thriller ‘Rich Flu‎’ Starring Rosamund Pike


Daniel Brühl and Macaulay Culkin join the epidemic-themed social thriller “Rich Flu‎”, and Rosamund Pike will star in the film.


“Rich Flu‎” tells the story of a deadly disease that begins to kill the richest and most powerful people on earth, first targeting billionaires, then tens of millions, millionaires, and so on.

Daniel Brühl, Macaulay Culkin Join Social Thriller 'Rich Flu‎' Starring Rosamund Pike

The virus threatens anyone with wealth, and as the whole world panics and heads toward collapse, people try to flood the market with assets they no longer want.

The film will start shooting in the fall, directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia (“El hoyo‎”), and co-written with partners Pedro Rivero and David Desola, and produced by Pablo Larraín (“Spencer‎””Neruda‎”).

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