Chang Chen joined the Korean drama “Suriname”


Chang Chen joined the Korean drama “Suriname” and collaborated with Jung-woo Ha & Jeong-min Hwang.

According to Korean media, Chang Chen joined the new Netflix series “Suriname”.

“Suriname” is directed by Jong-bin Yun (“The Spy Gone North” “No Mercy”).

The cast includes: Jung-woo Ha, Jeong-min Hwang, Jo Woo-jin, Ja-hyeon Choo, Hae-soo Park, Yeon-seok Yoo.

Chang Chen joined the Korean drama "Suriname"

“Suriname” has a total of 6 episodes, and the production cost is 35 billion won. It is currently being filmed in Seoul.

“Suriname” is adapted from a true story. It tells the process of a private entrepreneur who risked his life to assist the National Intelligence Agency in secret operations in order to capture the Korean drug lord in Suriname, South America.

Chang Chen joined the Korean drama "Suriname"

Jung-woo Ha plays the person who helps arrest the drug lords, and Jeong-min Hwang plays the drug lords who control Suriname.

Jo Woo-jin, Yeon-seok Yoo, Hae-soo Park, and Ja-hyeon Choo play the roles of members of drug trafficking organizations and key intelligence agencies, respectively.

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