After waiting for the Marvel blockbuster “The New Mutants” for so long, then just like that?


There is no Marvel blockbuster that can be dragged for so long, with such repeated file changes, so that my feelings for this film have become more and more complicated.

This is the latest movie in the X-Men series, “The New Mutants”.

The film was released in North America yesterday. But the first batch of North American reviews was surprising. The freshness of Rotten Tomatoes dropped to 14% as soon as they were scored, and the popcorn value was 56%, which can be said to be a bit horrible.
Today, although the score has risen slightly, it is equally unsightly. The media freshness is 24%, the score is 4.69, and the audience popcorn is 52%. It is still a bad film.

Metacritic also scored horribly, now only 46 points.

It is surprising, what happened to this “The New Mutants”?

Originally, the last film in the “X-Men” series, “Black Phoenix”, encountered double word-of-mouth and box office waterloo, which caused a lot of creative pressure on the “X-Men” series, so “The New Mutants” was highly anticipated. Changed the route of superhero movies and tried the youth horror horror type for the first time.

The task of reviving the prestige of “X-Men” fell on the director Josh Boone, who directed “Cardboard Boxer” and “The Fault in Our Stars” (The Fault in Our Stars). On his shoulders, he selected five young and emerging actors, trying to follow the bold actions of a wave of ficus pure characters.

Among the five actors, perhaps the most familiar one is the “two girls” Maisie Williams in “Game of Thrones”. She will play the fierce “Lymphomaniac” and form a youth superpower team with Mystery, Cannon, Moon Star and Sunspot. However, the one who came up to greet them was a secret hospital full of evil forces behind terror. Therefore, confrontation and escape have become the ultimate goal of this small team.

It seems that it is a juvenile version of the mutant universe.

“The New Mutants” is adapted from a derivative of the same name in the “X-Men” comics in the 1980s. It is a derivative work of a Marvel movie, but it is stubborn and trying to be independent.

Youthization and terrorization are the Nirvana reshaping after “The New Mutants” deconstructed the “X-Men” series. Putting three young and powerful female protagonists into a male-dominated movie is also a neutrality. New feminine colors, but it seems that the resurrection did not get what he wanted.

Many people describe it as a “monotonous, redundant, and irrelevant fantasy film”, pointing out that “The New Mutants” is a piece of content from the three styles of teen drama, teen fantasy and horror and thriller. nondescript.

This result is just like the “Hollywood Report”‘s unceremonious evaluation: it rolls your eyes and looks familiar.

In Columbus Underground’s comments, there was a tone of hatred between iron and steel, “How did it rot like this? Say it’s a horror movie, and it’s not up to the standard; you can say it’s a superhero movie, please tell me when it manifests Out?”

PunchDrunkCritics even sighed: “Boone made a mistake in the balance of multiple types of mix and match: if you want to be fearful, you have to make that atmosphere into the mechanism. If you want to be a teenager, you should not cut so many embarrassing and awkward things. dialogue.”
“The Globe and Mail” half-euphemistically said: I can’t precisely point out the problem with this movie, because there are too many problems. ”

CinemaBlend wondered, “This failure is strange. This outdated and uninspiring manga adaptation feels like it was made in the early 1990s instead of 2017.”

Original Cin even expressed his doubts, “What is the relationship between this “The New Mutants” and “X-Men”? If this is a pilot episode of a TV series, audiences may be willing to watch it, but it will be a season by season. It metamorphoses. But now, “The New Mutants” is an independent individual, so this particular mutation looks like unconvinced, and it ends up in a dead end.”

I don’t like movies based on Marvel comics, saying, “Although people’s expectations are lowered, this is still a slow and lengthy movie-watching experience.”

Forbes directly issued a death notice to “The New Mutants”, “This is the worst X-Men movie in history. How bad is it? Imagine you already know that this TV series has not been renewed, but you still hold I hope to watch its bad pilot episode.”

One of the few positive reviews came from Espinof, “Although the trailer and publicity said it was a Cult movie that misled me, it is a rather interesting adventure movie with the origin of a juvenile superhero.” also expressed his preference, “It is not perfect, but I like the story of this young superhero.”

Sean Chandler Talks About used another way to describe this movie, “If you ever wanted to make “Breakfast Club” a horror movie set in the X-Men universe, now your wish is on “The New Mutants” Realized. It may not fully realize the potential of this concept, but I am still very happy when I watch it.”

If you have never watched teen movies, superhero movies, mental thrillers with a mental hospital background, and any episode of “Mad Street” or “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, then “The New Mutants” may make you big Eye-opener.

But, is the “X-Men” series really outdated?

The National post points out the key, “Once any movie is suppressed and looked forward to for more than two years, the effect of its release will be greatly reduced, and this movie confirms this.”
“The New Mutants” has gone through many rumors of file withdrawal, script change and remake. It can be said that it has experienced many twists and turns from production to release. The copyright has also transitioned from Twentieth Century Fox to Disney, which is really miserable.

Some people joked that the twists and turns of “The New Mutants” are far more interesting than the plot itself. Let me take a moment and give you a review.

In May 2015, 20th Century Fox announced that director Josh Boone, who had just finished filming the movie “The Fault in the Stars”, will direct the “X-Men” spin-off drama “The New Mutants”. Focusing on a group of young mutants seems to indicate that the X-Men series hopes to attract the youth market. Boone called “The New Mutants” a “mature horror movie.”
On September 12, 2017, Boone posted the last week of shooting of “The New Mutants” on his Instagram. Faced with the release date of April 13, 2018, it looks steady. The young cast and the newly announced blood-splattered movie logo make “The New Mutants” fulfilling the promise of “Stephen King Meets John Hughes”.

But at the same time, there are rumors that Boone felt “castrated” when shooting this movie because the studio wanted to avoid being rated as R-rated like “Deadpool” and “Wolverine 3” in order to attract more Young people want to create new mutants.

In October 2017, the first trailer of “The New Mutants” was released. The protagonists live in a creepy-looking lunatic asylum, filmed at a state hospital in Massachusetts, on the same filming location as “Bounded Island”.

At this moment, the April 2018 release date is still under hype…

In January 2018, the release date was suddenly announced to be postponed to February 22, 2019. According to 20th Century Fox, the main reason for the postponement was to avoid collision with “Deadpool 2”, which was originally scheduled to be released on May 18. However, there are rumors that, because everyone is very good at the scary scenes in the first trailer, the film company wants to remake more of these plots to increase the panic.
In March 2018, the release date was postponed to August 2019. Many reports say that “The New Mutants” may have to be remade more than half in order to be more terrifying, and new characters will be added. Twentieth Century Fox hopes that this movie will have a clear superhero style in tone like “Wolverine 3” and the first “Deadpool”.

After a year, after months of speculation in the industry, Disney finally formally acquired 21st Century Fox for $71.3 billion, which means that Disney has now controlled the X-Men franchise, and there has been speculation. Disney intends to integrate mutants into the Marvel movie universe. But the statement at the time was this: In order to think about what the X-Men would look like in the Marvel universe, let’s first look at the quality of the last two episodes of the series, “Black Phoenix” and “The New Mutants.” But anyway, when the distribution rights of the film were transferred back to Disney, the future was uncertain.

Then, the highlight came: Because of the release date of “Black Phoenix”, “The New Mutants” was postponed to April 3, 2020. At that time, “The New Mutants” was trapped in the anxiety of the merger of the company, and had to make way for “Black Phoenix”. In short, it turned life into a play, and became a dilemma like a mutant who was in a refuge. Fight.
In March 2019, everyone became anxious.

“Who knows when this the fuck will come out,” Maisie Williams and her partner and best friend in Game of Thrones Sophie Turner talk about “The New Mutants” in Rolling Stone magazine. “I couldn’t help being irritable.

In August 2019, the box office of “Black Phoenix” was disastrous. Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that the box office of 20th Century Fox was “far below what we expected when we acquired Fox.”

Fox’s criticism involved the film “The New Mutants”, so like “Black Phoenix”, Disney was “indifferent” to this film and couldn’t help but question the film’s box office potential. Nevertheless, Boone’s film is still scheduled to be finally released in April 2020.

In January 2020, the movie released a trailer two years later, which confirmed that “The New Mutants” is about to be released, rather than a carefully planned prank for several years. But it can be seen from the trailer that our teenage mutants are frightened by possible hallucinations and unknown forces, but it seems that all the shelved time and potential remakes do not express the fear of the movie. But what everyone thought at the time was, it’s okay, the movie will be released in a few months, and the answer will be known soon.

Then, no one expected the new crown pneumonia epidemic to sweep the world. In March 2020, major film companies had to adjust their movie release schedules, and theaters closed one after another. Movies such as “Fast and Furious 9”, “Top Aspiration 2: The Lone Ranger” and “Black Widow” have all been moved to the end of 2020 or 2021, including “The New Mutants”. With ill-fated fate, “The New Mutants” has been withdrawn again, which inevitably cast a shadow on the future expectations of the film…

At the same time, Boone clarified to Entertainment Weekly that although people have been speculating over the years, the re-shooting of The New Mutants has never really happened. “If there was no way for Disney and Fox’s merger and acquisition, I believe we would choose to remake like other movies,” Boone said. “But we didn’t, because when the merger was completed and everything was resolved, everyone was old.”

For most movies, it may not sound like an actor a few years older than himself, but when the protagonist is a teenager, this becomes a problem.

In May 2020, theaters continued to open due to controversy, and the release date of “The New Mutants” was announced for the fifth time on August 28, 2020. At this time, 868 days have passed since “The New Mutants” was originally scheduled to be released on April 13, 2018.

But whether or not the “X-Men” can be revitalized in the future, or whether it can even share the “universe” with the superheroes of Marvel, depends on the market reflection of this “The New Mutants”. Judging from the evaluation of foreign media, everyone is dissatisfied and worried about the future of the X-Men. But if this time really becomes the end point of the mutant story, I believe that many people will inevitably not give up on this magnificent mutant universe for decades.

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