‘Bullet Train’ announces it’s delayed North American release until July 29


The action thriller “Bullet Train” starring Brad Pitt has announced a rescheduling and will be delayed two weeks from its original release date.

'Bullet Train' announces it's delayed North American release until July 29

In addition to Brad Pitt, the cast includes Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, Zazie Beetz, Andrew Koji, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, Karen Fukuhara, Masi Oka, Logan Lerman, Bad Bunny, Sandra Bullock and more , the lineup is very luxurious.

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The film is adapted from the suspenseful mystery novel “Bullet Train” by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka. It tells the story of a Shinkansen train that has turned into a corpse train. There are a group of killers on a speeding train from Tokyo to Morioka, but they find their respective tasks. Actually there is a connection.

So the question arises: Who gets off the bus alive? What awaits them at the terminal?

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The film was directed by “John Wick” and “Deadpool 2” director David Leitch, and it is said that the style of the film is a combination of “Speed” and “Non-Stop”.

'Bullet Train' announces it's delayed North American release until July 29

Pitt will play the American killer “Ladybug” in the film, King will play the low-key teenage assassin “Prince” and Taylor-Johnson will play the killer “Tangerine”.

“Bullet Train” was originally scheduled to hit theaters on July 15, but has been delayed to July 29 in North America.

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