“007: No Time to Die” exposed multiple behind-the-scenes photos


The annual action giant “007: No Time to Die” North America won $6.3 million in box office early on Thursday.

This result is higher than “Skyfall”‘s $4.6 million and “Spectre”‘s $5.3 million.

The industry predicts that the box office of “007: No Time to Die” can reach about $60 to $70 million in three days over the weekend.

Recently, photographer Greg Williams ​ exposed a batch of behind-the-scenes photos of “007: No Time to Die”, showing.

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Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig on set.

"007: No Time to Die" exposed multiple behind-the-scenes photos

In addition, the theme song creator and singer Billie Eilish and her brother also took photos with the creator.

“007: No Time to Die” has been released overseas one after another, and easily topped the box office champion in 54 markets in the first weekend.

"007: No Time to Die" exposed multiple behind-the-scenes photos

At present, “007: No Time to Die” has accumulated more than 121 million US dollars in box office, and the four-day box office in the UK has reached 34.8 million US dollars.

“007: No Time to Die” will be released in North America on October 29.

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