Whether “The Suicide Squad” is a popcorn movie?

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From Warner’s expectations for unpopular works, talk about whether “The Suicide Squad” is a popcorn movie?

Popcorn movies are a relatively common type of movie in the commercial era. Such movies can get very good box office and ratings at the beginning of their release.

But this kind of movie has no nutrition and connotation, similar to popcorn.

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In the minds of movie fans, “The Avengers” and many Marvel movies and TV series are typical popcorn movies.

Whether "The Suicide Squad" is a popcorn movie?

Although the DC superhero series is not as popular as MCU comics, most viewers believe that Warner’s works are guaranteed in terms of quality.

So can DC Studios make popcorn movies?

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In the summer of 2021, “The Suicide Squad”, which became popular in the summer, was praised as a popcorn movie by Hollywood film critics and superhero fans.

Because this series was originally positioned as an unpopular work by the company, Warner Bros.’s investment in the sequel of “The Suicide Squad” is relatively small. It can be said that this series has exceeded the expectations of the film studio.

Then, from Warner’s expectations for unpopular works, let’s talk about whether “The Suicide Squad” is a popcorn movie?

Judging from the box office statistics for the first week of August, “The Suicide Squad” reached the top with a box office of $12.2 million.

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This data is placed in Hollywood in normal times, and maybe this work can’t make it into the top ten.

But now the theater is not fully open, and everyone can only watch “The Suicide Squad” through Internet TV. This work has achieved a very good box office.

Many viewers said that they found the shadow of “Joker” two years ago from “The Suicide Squad”.

Whether "The Suicide Squad" is a popcorn movie?

Because when “Joker” was still in the production stage, Warner’s expectations of Todd Phillips’ work were also unpopular movies.

Although the lineup of the series was luxurious at the time, Warner cut the investment in the film, which resulted in “Joker” becoming a model of “spending a small amount of money to do big things.”

After the release of “Joker”, many Hollywood film critics positioned this series as a popcorn movie based on Warner’s expectations for unpopular works.

Some DC fans are unconvinced-Todd Phillips’s movie has connotation and persuasiveness, “The Suicide Squad” is more in line with the characteristics of popcorn movies.

Because James Gunn will not reflect his deep concepts in film and television works.

“The Suicide Squad” has only two seasons in total, often more than three hours in total.

However, fans have already seen the huge universe from this series. Film critic Phil Chris said that the character structure of “The Suicide Squad” is more complicated than that of “Justice League”.

If it weren’t for the fact that “The Suicide Squad” embodies the villain hero, perhaps this series has replaced “Justice League” in the DC movie world.

It needs to be explained that James Gunn is also a filmmaker in the Marvel series, and “Guardians of the Galaxy” is the MCU series he directed.

Whether "The Suicide Squad" is a popcorn movie?

In addition, he is also a member of the creative team of “Watchmen”, so he has some experience in popcorn movies.

Friends who are familiar with DC comics are aware of the fact that Warner Bros. has already positioned related works as “unpopular or popular works” before the film and television series started filming.

If this new film is defined by Warner as an unpopular work, even if the director has the best idea, the company’s investment in this series is very small.

“The Suicide Squad” and “Joker” are examples of this.

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For such works to be popular, the director group seems to have to take the popcorn route.

So, judging from Warner’s expectations for unpopular works, “The Suicide Squad” is indeed a popcorn movie.

Of course, there will be some lucky works defined by Warner as popular series, such as “Black Adam” and “Aquaman 2”.

These two films were shot and produced during a special period. It is important to know that the major film industries have cut down the cost of filming in the past two years.

Whether "The Suicide Squad" is a popcorn movie?

However, Warner did not reduce the investment in these two series, which shows that the large-scale film industry had a relatively complete definition of the new film before the data of the work was released.

“The Suicide Squad” is a villain hero movie. Its creative team includes famous actors or filmmakers such as Margot Robbie, Sylvester Stallone and Idris Elba.

These people have cut their salaries, some even get no compensation, so that they can cater to Warner’s positioning of unpopular works-low investment and high returns.

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The reason why “The Suicide Squad” embarked on the road of popcorn movies, except that Warner Bros. took the position of an unpopular movie for this work, which led James Gunn to make up his mind to let “The Suicide Squad” embark on the “Joker” route.

Also because the release time of this series is very well selected.

At the beginning of August, “Loki” has completed its first peak viewership period.

The popularity of “Black Widow” has gradually faded, and “Shang Qi” has not had much popularity in the first place, which means that the Marvel Comics movie is in the window period in August.

DC fans have taken a sigh of relief since “Justice League Cut”, which caused the peak of the ratings of “The Suicide Squad” during the summer period.

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