“The Suicide Squad”: The Violent Aesthetics of Anti-traditional Heroism

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“The Suicide Squad”: Anti-routine plot, gorgeous rock soundtrack, rose and dark plasma aesthetics.

Harley Quinn, the clown girl, is glamorous and crazy, and each role appears to surprise the audience.

James Gunn used the anti-traditional hero mode to open Task Force X again.

A suicide squad that is more R-rated, darker, and more exciting than David Aye.

“The Suicide Squad” set off a frenzy in the United States on August 6, 2021.

"The Suicide Squad": The Violent Aesthetics of Anti-traditional Heroism

The simple and effective plot directly clarifies the core setting, and the criminals imprisoned in the Dream Prison get the opportunity to commit crimes and reduce the penalty.

Their brains are implanted with mini-bombs, and if they disobey orders or try to escape during missions, the bombs will be detonated.

All the anti-heroism criminal heroes in the film only revolve around one mission, infiltrating a country called Coto Malta, destroying a dangerous project being studied by a mysterious research base.

"The Suicide Squad": The Violent Aesthetics of Anti-traditional Heroism

Director James Gunn filmed superhero group portrait groups, constantly advancing the plot and shaping the role of the mission.

The rhythm is comparable to Guardians of the Galaxy, with bursts happening every 5 minutes.

The whole story has more than 30 bloody and violent methods of death, changing the repressive and deep lyric that DC is used to, and fully interprets all the elements that a high-quality R-rated blockbuster should cover.

From the perspective of character creation, “The Suicide Squad” retains a characteristic of James Gunn in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series.

Tragedy of all characters.

The first few cannon fodder were used chess pieces.

"The Suicide Squad": The Violent Aesthetics of Anti-traditional Heroism

Bloodsport is a failed father who gave up treatment.

Harley Quinn is a woman who has suffered a serious emotional injury.

Polka-Dot Man was forcibly turned into a superhero by his mother. It can be seen that he killed his mother before going to jail.

King Shark is a lone patient who has no friends.

Ratcatcher 2 Cleo Cazo and his father have a very touching background story.

"The Suicide Squad": The Violent Aesthetics of Anti-traditional Heroism

Rick Flag joins the army to serve the motherland, who knows that the motherland that serves is the culprit of the normal crisis.

The emotion of a group of characters becomes the main thread that runs through the killing and gore, filling the plot more complete.

Harley Quinn is still a crazy woman, and she often makes a lot of untimely words on some occasions.

In addition, she has a very stunning performance in the movie, accompanied by passionate music, flowers and fairy tale-style special effects to match the scenes of Halle killing Quartet.

James Gunn was proud to say that he gave the best shot of his career in a movie.

Bloodsport and Peacemaker will compete in killing games to compete with each other.

In the whole process, those killed went up to ordinary militiamen and down to women singing and washing clothes.

Bloodsport’s behavior makes it difficult to feel good about this character.

Rick Flag and Ratcatcher 2 are the rare two decent characters.

"The Suicide Squad": The Violent Aesthetics of Anti-traditional Heroism

Rick Flag is not a criminal. He is loyal to his country, but when he knows the truth, he is more willing to obey his inner moral standards.

Ratcatcher 2 is young, friendly, and sleepy. The movie does not explain why she became a prisoner of Amanda Waller.

She doesn’t have a personal creed like Rick Flag or Peacemaker.

What she shows in the story is the appearance of a little girl with special abilities who bravely stood up in front of a big monster.

Amanda Waller, this character should be a cruel villain who doesn’t hesitate to do things with a firm view.

In the movie, the performance was indeed incompetent and furious, and he was attacked by his subordinates.

"The Suicide Squad": The Violent Aesthetics of Anti-traditional Heroism

But there is no lack of cruelty.

It can be seen that Warner hopes to change his previous difficulties in the road of superheroes.

I hope the audience knows that they can respect the freedom and creativity of filmmakers, and they can also take risks.

In this way, Marvel has also discovered many directors with distinctive styles. But everything is uniformly regulated and coordinated.

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The film is completely independent of other DC movies and has a distinct personal style.

Warner currently intends to create different branch movies, fantasy and epic style goddess series, dark crime style Batman series, anti-heroic Task Force X.

Warner did not intervene at all in this film. According to James Gunn’s idea of ​​the production process, he fully supported the investment in setting up the scene and publicity.

"The Suicide Squad": The Violent Aesthetics of Anti-traditional Heroism

The intention is to create a path to personalization of the director’s style that is different from DC heroism.

Finally, the point worth discussing on the entire network lies in the plot and theme of the entire “The Suicide Squad”.

The director used a large number of symbolic techniques to attack metaphors, satirize American hegemonism, and called on the proletariat to unite and jointly oppose the hegemony of the times.

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In the era of popular popular culture where commercial films are prevalent, this “The Suicide Squad” is a commercial and American superhero film produced by big capital, but it has portrayed the U.S. government itself as the villain in the film.

And use a lot of symbolic metaphors, so that dogmatism is no longer purely superficial, but a spirit of resistance.

With its anti-heroism style, the manifesto best fits the spirit of the times.

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