“Top Gun: Maverick”: The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

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How does the air battle continue? “Top Gun: Maverick”: The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago, very ultra-modern.

Top Gun” was directed by Tony Scott (deceased on August 19, 2012) and was released in 1986, 35 years ago.

This film was considered an unprecedented work at the time. Even now, the flying, aerial combat, and even the film photography in the film are still brilliant enough.

Top Gun” is also a blockbuster feel today.

The great success of this work that year made the male protagonist Tom Cruise become a well-known teenage idol in the United States overnight, and made his worth soaring.

Not only that, this work is like a blockbuster, which has a huge effect on the navy and air force in real life.

"Top Gun: Maverick": The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

In the year after the movie was released, the recruitment rate of these two arms of the United States increased by 5 times.

It can be seen that its influence is far-reaching.

The success of “Top Gun” is based on director Tony Scott. In addition to the concise story and the amazing camera technology of Jeffrey L. Kimball, the air combat factor in the film is the decisive factor.

It is close to or even beyond the U.S. Air Force’s fighter and fighting technology, which was actually ahead of the world at the time, which particularly attracted most people to watch this movie.

And let the new generation of Americans who focus on themselves regain their confidence and superiority in the United States in a special era.

This year, the new film “Top Gun: Maverick” will be released soon.

Many fans still pay attention to how the air combat of the film will escalate.

After all, 35 years have passed. The world’s military progress, especially the rapid development of the Air Force over the years, is no longer comparable to that era.

Will the film closely follow the advancement of military technology in this era in this regard?

"Top Gun: Maverick": The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

In fact, the original “Top Gun” director Tony Scott had already begun preparations for the second part before his death in 2012, and had already had an idea.

His conception point is very clear, hope “Top Gun: Maverick” focuses on the progress of modern air combat, that is, drone warfare.

You know, Scott proposed this idea at the latest in 2012, which shows that the director’s thinking is quite advanced.

So now it can be said that the success of “Top Gun” is also inseparable from the late director Tony Scott’s directing.

Tony Scott has also directed classic films such as Days of Thunder, Enemy of the State, Deja Vu and Unstoppable.

These are works that many movie fans are very familiar with.

Scott passed away shortly after following up “Top Gun: Maverick“.

But he has already expressed his thoughts on the sequel to fans, “will focus on the new era of air combat.

In this era, pilots can remotely control drones.”

"Top Gun: Maverick": The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

On the one hand, his idea originated from Scott’s advanced film ideas.

On the other hand, he was inspired by a meeting with a young U.S. Air Force pilot during his lifetime.

The pilot used to work in the drone piloting department.

According to his idea, Scott’s idea of ​​”Top Gun: Maverick” will be completely focused on how drone warfare can get the pilot out of the cockpit of a fighter plane.

The traditional aerobatic combat of the past no longer recurs.

As Scott said in an interview about the sequel: “These computer freaks only need to stay at the base and fly drones to participate in wars in the Middle East or the Far East, or anywhere in the world.”

"Top Gun: Maverick": The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

Ten years after Scott was interviewed, UAVs have indeed almost replaced the traditional manned aircraft of the US military in overseas operations, which has become a regular mode of modern air combat.

Then the theme of the sequel he proposed is more practical than before in the present one year later.

What’s more, Scott’s idea also hopes that the war technology in the film will be more advanced than it actually is.

As a legendary action director, Tony Scott’s conception of drone warfare in 2010 was five years before Hollywood such as “Good Kill” and “Eye in the Sky” began to get involved in drone themes.

"Top Gun: Maverick": The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

Throughout his career, the underrated director’s advanced talent in film conception has been proven in many of his works or the works of others.

Just like the movie “Enemy of the State,” 10 years before Edward Snowden leaked details of a similar surveillance conspiracy, the movie predicted the National Security Agency’s secret civilian espionage program.

What about “Top Gun” and the sequel?

If you want to treat Scott’s original “Top Gun” fairly now.

It should not be a remake of the movie a few years later, but the story should be centered on Scott’s modern air combat concept.

This is not only a symbol of innovation in action movies, but also an extension of the film heritage of the late director.

"Top Gun: Maverick": The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

At the same time, according to Scott, his “Top Gun” sequel will reflect on whether fighter pilots are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

This plot can fit perfectly with “Top Gun: Maverick” to tell the darker and more tragic side of the protagonist.

The protagonist should have become less important in aerial driving as he ages, and the sequel can even add a trace of sorrow to his story.

Because Scott elaborated on the role of these fighter pilots in the UAV project that eventually replaced them.

According to him: “These people are still pilots, but they don’t need to fly in the sky anymore. They will be in full control of these drones when they first fly the drones.”

This story is very suitable for the inner sadness of the protagonist’s character.

A person who is obsessed with “speed needs” in flight will be surpassed by a young pilot or even a machine, and use realistic technology to prove that he is irrelevant.

This will make his tragedy more convincing and resonant, because it confirms the most terrifying fear in Tom Cruise’s character.

This is a good continuation of the original “Top Gun“.

"Top Gun: Maverick": The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

Everyone knows that when making this kind of war-related movie, apart from considering war and moral controversy (the entire movie in “Top Gun” does not specify which country the enemy’s true identity belongs to, thus avoiding this).

Another problem with depicting drone warfare on screen is that this inert weapon is not suitable for fast-paced dramatic action movies.

However, Director Scott can turn the movie “Crimson Tide“, whose story is completely set on a submarine, into a fast-paced thrilling journey.

This proves that the “Top Gun” sequel can be fair to Scott’s vision for the sequel during his lifetime, rather than relying on the now outdated aerial melee combat to attract the audience.

Scott’s ethics of drone use will also become an attractive factor.

Since the drone was put into use, the collateral damage caused by the drone, coupled with its remote operability to ensure that the pilot is not at risk of injury, has made the power imbalance between the U.S. military and the target of war compared to the original “Top Gun” period. A broader manifestation.

In “Top Gun“, the film did not reflect the questioning of the military’s actions overseas.

"Top Gun: Maverick": The idea of air combat in the movie 10 years ago was very ultra-modern

Because Scott must have noticed this, the action of the film focuses on the protagonist’s personal perspective, and the character regards the morality of his commander as just obeying orders.

However, Scott proposed a sequel focused on drones.

Judging from his remarks during his lifetime, he may start to make the protagonist reflect on the behavior of the army he served for decades, and start to doubt whether his service is positive or negative.

Because he was replaced by more advanced and effective killing machines.

This approach may give “Top Gun: Maverick” a more complicated and reflective point of view.

Even though Scott had taken a lot of measures in the controversy over the US military in war, he is still considered a very “patriotic” movie.

So that at the time, the American actor Matthew Modine refused to act as the protagonist of this film (it was really nothing to do with Tom Cruise).

Because the military stance in the movie runs counter to his pacifism, he does not want to beautify certain institutions.

After all, almost a year has passed since Scott’s idea of ​​air combat on “Top Gun“, and after all, the new director Joseph Kosinski is now directing this sequel.

The screenwriting, the story, and even the different changes in the photography style are expected, but how to continue the traces of the old works is still an unsolved mystery.

Top Gun: Maverick” will be released on November 19 this year. If we continue to stir up the leftovers of traditional air combat scenes and American personal heroism, I am afraid that we will not be able to catch up with the original.

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