‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’: Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time

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‘Super Mario Bros.’ is making another double feature film!

As the world’s most well-known game IP and the star of Nintendo Co., Ltd., the derivative development plan of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ has been attracting attention from gamers and the entertainment industry worldwide.

Just a few days ago at the New York Comic Con, Nintendo Co., Ltd. officially opened the first trailer of the ‘Super Mario Bros. The first trailer of ‘Super Mario Bros.

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

Bowser, Mario, Toad, Luigi one by one, plus the imaginative Mushroom Kingdom, the trailer of the game elements of a high degree of restoration to a large number of old players excited.

According to the details revealed in the PV, it is estimated that the story timeline of the movie may be set before the game ‘Super Mario Bros.’, that is, the story of Mario when he first came to Mushroom Kingdom.

Considering the big movie producer Illumination’s previous works ‘Despicable Me’ ‘Minions’ focus on creating charming characters, which also makes the game fans look forward to the big movie: “Or this time Nintendo Co., Ltd. can really make a good and good movie! “

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6
'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6
'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6
'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

If you know the history of Nintendo Co., Ltd. games, you may or may not have heard of the live-action movie ‘Super Mario Bros.’ released in Northern America in 1993.

This movie started the first Hollywood game adaptation movie, but because the performance is really too poor for decades by the media as the opposite of being repeatedly mentioned.

In fact, the live-action movie is not the earliest film and television content of this IP, as early as 1986 in Japan was released locally an animated film called ‘Super Mario Brothers Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach’.

And then, when Nintendo Co., Ltd. took over the U.S. game market, it also used a series of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ film and TV content in order to enhance its IP influence.

At a time when game companies around the world were still struggling with game development, Nintendo Co., Ltd. had already embarked on the road of game IP derivative development by relying on ‘Super Mario Bros.

Mario’s debut was in 1981 with the game ‘Donkey King’, but the gaming community still takes September 13, 1985, the release date of ‘Super Mario Bros.’, as his birthday.

In 2023, when Mario turns 38, he will make his fourth appearance on the big screen.

It’s too much like a commercial!

In 1985, the crossover game ‘Super Mario Bros.’ was launched on the FC Red and White. The game not only sold nearly 7 million copies in Japan, but eventually sold nearly 30 million copies in Northern America.

The success of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ helped Nintendo Co., Ltd. The success of the NES (i.e., FC Red and White) helped Nintendo Co., Ltd. to firmly capture the window of the Northern America game market after the “Atari Shock”, and the subsequent release of ‘Super Mario Bros. 2’ and ‘SUPER MARIO BROS. 3’, which were complementary consoles and games, made Nintendo Co., Ltd. a major player in the global entertainment, consumer electronics and toy industries.

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

The game’s popularity has also spawned an endless stream of derivative content, only in the game’s second year of release in 1986, Mario and Luigi save Princess Peach’s story was adapted into an animated film, released in Japan.

In this animated film, Mario and Luigi became the owner of a grocery store, in order to obtain the gems and crossed through the water pipe to Mushroom Kingdom, became the prophesied to be able to save Princess Peach from the hands of BowserThe Demon King “the 2 men “.

The movie plot is basically made up of game characters and props, and a lot of the plot also restores the game levels and settings. For example, Mario in the acquisition of mushrooms, mushroom growth point suddenly emerged from a large pile of gold; eat the mushroom Mario, become huge ……

The game BGM and sound effects that filled the entire film, but also in the audience at all times to remind them that this is the hottest game adapted from the animated film, although most of the time these BGM does not match the plot of the film.

However, the addition of a large number of comedy elements, but to a certain extent, weaken the game elements forced into the movie after the sense of incongruity.

After eating stars, flowers and mushrooms, Mario gained strength and defeated Bowser. however, the princess and Mario did not get married.

The movie set Princess Peach destined to be the person who has been following the adventures of Mario’s dog – he is actually the prince of the country of flowers, Bowser enchanted into a dog.

At the end of the film Mario said goodbye to the princess: “If the bad guys appear again, I will still come to save you.” Then he and Luigi happily on the road home.

If this NTR ending is in other movie stories, the audience must spray the screenwriter’s family, but consider that this is only a game adaptation of the film, the next thirty years, the princess was kidnapped a total of 28 times, but never chose Mario, you will be relieved.

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

This Japanese animated film, born more than 30 years ago, is a complete game advertising, neither impressive plot, the implantation of various game elements is also simple and crude.

However, Nintendo Co., Ltd. released Mario phone cards, watches, ramen noodles, comics, various books and movie music soundtracks for the promotion of this movie, allowing Mario derivatives to penetrate into the lives of ordinary Japanese people and everyday life, and incidentally, Mario ramen and Mario rice mix seasoning were also implanted in the movie.

In today’s terms, Nintendo Co., Ltd. started to engage in a whole set of game IP-derivative content-derivative industry chain closed loop in the 80s.

Having tasted the sweetness, Nintendo Co., Ltd. brought this set of play to the United States.

To see the “launch” of “SUPER MARIO BROS. 3”, you have to buy a movie ticket.

In 1989, a movie called ‘The Wizard’ was released in the United States. The movie tells the story of three kids who travel to California to participate in a video game tournament. Nintendo Co., Ltd. sponsored the movie and not only had the rights to approve the movie lines and game clips, but also implanted a lot of Nintendo Co., Ltd. game elements into the movie.

The ‘SUPER MARIO BROS. 3’ that appears in the movie is the debut of this new game in the Northern America market.

You have to buy movie tickets to watch the “press conference” of “SUPER MARIO BROS. 3”

SUPER MARIO BROS. 3′ as a competition game in a six-minute movie clip, three games big screen to show the movie audience the new elements added to this new work, including the transformation ability to improve, casual Mario, more powerful game props, new maps, etc., just about to play on the screen “buy it, buy it, buy it! ” “.

For Northern America players of Nintendo Co., Ltd. it was not a trip to the movies, it was a trip to the launch of a new game, and millions of families entered theaters for the movie, contributing $14 million to the box office and selling more than 7 million copies of the game in the United States.

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

Whether it is a local animated movie released in Japan, or sponsoring a Hollywood movie to make the game more smoothly enter the U.S. market, Nintendo Co., Ltd. has obviously eaten this wave of ancient version of “movie-game linkage” bonus.

Despite the rush of gamers, Northern America’s media called the movie a “90-minute ‘SUPER MARIO BROS. 3’ commercial” and gave it a lot of negative press.

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

These negative reports were not only due to the movie. In the same year, TV shows licensed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. began to be broadcast on several American TV stations, including ‘The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

These live-action, animated shows with mixed reviews rubbed off on this then hottest game IP, as long as the ratings are guaranteed, who would particularly care about the quality?

In fact, Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s games and consoles have been doing marketing campaigns targeting American children and teens with a variety of peripheral products covering all aspects of their lives, which has caused the community to start thinking about the impact of long-term gaming on children.

According to the evaluation system of the Q Index in the United States in 1990, through games, film and television content, various derivatives, and cooperation with well-known American brands such as Pepsi and McDonald’s, the cultural influence of Nintendo Co., Ltd. among American children even surpassed Disney’s Mickey at one time.

This is a naked provocation to the Native American culture, down to the U.S. gaming industry and up to the U.S. Congress in various ways in a vain attempt to sanction the cultural expansion of Nintendo Co.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. continues to think about new release strategies while dealing with these headaches, while still trying to continue to launch movies featuring Mario’s image in the Northern America market.

In order to avoid being criticized again by the media as “game advertising”, this time Nintendo Co., Ltd. decided to find a new film company to cooperate with.

However, the movie has become the “black history” of the derivative content development of Nintendo Co.

Mario’s live-action movie that was “magically altered

In the history of game adaptation movies, the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ real-life movie released in 1993 is the originator of the Hollywood entertainment industry to explore this niche movie genre.

However, this costly film in addition to using some of the character names, and the game really does not have a half-assed relationship.

The reason it was named the “worst game adaptation ever” is still a matter of opinion.

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

In terms of content, the movie plot has nothing to do with the game. Bowser becomes the villain who wants to connect the two worlds of human society and dinosaur Hatan City, the key of which is Daisy, a female archaeologist with dinosaur blood.

Mario, who became a plumber, of course, took on the burden of saving the world, while his adopted son Luigi was also responsible for falling in love with Daisy.

Whether the plot or the world view is shaped, are a water cyberpunk style, you can imagine a game that brings joy and smiles to the players, the live-action film adaptation is a slightly horrific work of art?

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

Dennis Hopper plays Bowser in a live-action movie

In recent years, foreign users have looked up various media interviews, and found that one of the reasons for the movie pulling crotch was that the film production company was too eager to rely on the IP to become famous, too utilitarian in the production process.

Although the production team can be said to be the big boys, but how to give Mario and Luigi the two game characters through the film story to become real people, rather than computer-generated game characters, which at the time is actually no precedent to follow.

After several script revisions, plus the shooting process is too chaotic, the situation is a lot, the final film certainly has good special effects and actor performance, but the storyline and the tone of the game itself is too big a gap, and eventually became a failed attempt.

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

However, the failure of the movie may have had something to do with the fact that Nintendo Co., Ltd. was too casual at the time; the Mario IP had already formed a multi-billion dollar commercial market at the time, and Nintendo Co., Ltd. licensed a budding movie company to make a spin-off movie, which would not have affected the game brand even if it had failed.

This is indeed true, the movie began filming before Nintendo Co., Ltd. released the new console SFC, relying on the bundled new ‘Super Mario World’ successfully transitioned to the 16-bit console era, the game also sold more than ten million copies in Northern America.

When the game IP has enough influence and commercial value, derivative film and television content shot well, is the icing on the cake, can increase the influence of IP, bring a wider range of derivative business prospects, and shot bad, the game players will only scold the film and production staff, film and television companies can only break the teeth to their belly swallow, will not affect the game IP itself.

Although fans have been coming forward to “vindicate” the live-action movie for more than a decade, Nintendo Co., Ltd. has never come up with the ‘Super Mario Bros.

Of course, Nintendo Co., Ltd., which has been operating ‘Super Mario Bros.’ with diversified contents for more than 30 years, will never give up the opportunity to expand the influence of this IP in the field of film and television contents, after all, Nintendo Co.

When consumers are no longer single-minded and are interested in games, comics, animation, and movies, it is especially important to compete for users of all ages through multi-form entertainment content Game adaptations are becoming a trend in Hollywood.

In recent years the game characters of Nintendo Co., Ltd. have suddenly become active in the global entertainment market.

At the end of 2015, Nintendo Co., Ltd. put forward the slogan “Let more people know about Nintendo Co., Ltd. IP”, and not only launched a large number of derivative peripherals, let the game characters into Hollywood animated movies to increase exposure, but also planned theme parks, prepared their own animated movies etc.

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Mario, 38, is about to hit the big screen for the fourth time | FMV6

In 2021, Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s offline theme park ‘SUPER NINTENDO WORLD’ opened at Universal Studios Japan, which is based on ‘Super Mario Bros.’ game elements.

In 2023, the first Super Nintendo Co., Ltd. world in Northern America will open to the public at Universal Studios U.S.A. The ‘Super Mario Bros.’ animated movie, which will be released before Northern America in April of the same year, will apparently be the theme park’s “Super Advertising Film”.

According to 2021 WikiMili statistics out of the most profitable 50 IP, located in the eighth Mario game revenue up to 30 billion U.S. dollars, while only 4.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue from authorized derivatives, it is clear that the diversified commercial potential of this IP still needs to be explored.

In today’s world, game adaptations are aimed at a broader audience, and the new ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie is just the beginning of a new step forward for Nintendo Co.

This year Nintendo Co., Ltd. acquired Japanese CG production company Dynamo Pictures, which was subsequently renamed Nintendo Co., Ltd. to adapt its game IP into more derivative content.

How many more “get happy things” will the old entertainment company create for its users?

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