“The Batman”: Detective Batman is serious about the case

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“The Batman” is such a simple title. If we refine the content of the film, we may try to give it some complicated title, such as “The Great Detective Batman”.

However, it is better to be concise and to grasp the essence of “The Batman”. Because this version of “Batman” is really very different from the audience’s previous impression.

"The Batman": Detective Batman is serious about the case

In addition to senior comic book fans, most young audiences may know Batman from the DCEU blockbuster released in recent years.

As one of DC’s most popular characters, Batman has established himself as a “superhero” representative on the screen.

“The Batman” doesn’t make Batman taller, faster, stronger along the “superhero” path, but returns him to his “detective” attributes.

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After all, the character of Batman first appeared in “Detective Comics”, and the original meaning of DC is precisely Detective Comics.

It’s like coming in expecting to see Heath Ledger, only to see Joaquin Phoenix. pretty shocked.

Different gameplay, equally great.

"The Batman": Detective Batman is serious about the case

Briefly introduce the plot of the movie: Bruce Wayne turned into Batman and fought for justice in Gotham City for two years. Criminals were all afraid, and he was deeply exposed to the dark side of Gotham City.

He sneaks through Gotham City’s corrupt network of dignitaries and celebrities, with only a few trusted allies around him – Steward Alfred and Sheriff James Gordon.

This lone “Vigilante Detective” has become synonymous with the word “revenge” in the hearts of Gotham citizens.

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Some people say that in “Se7en”, David Fincher made New York the “crime capital” Gotham City.

In a way, “The Batman” is indeed reminiscent of “Se7en” – the perverted serial killer keeps leaving evidence to the police/Batman to lure them deeper and deeper, and the conspiracy behind it is creepy…

“The Batman” shouldn’t just be seen as a superhero movie with “detective” elements, it’s a solid detective movie.

"The Batman": Detective Batman is serious about the case

Starring Robert Pattinson infused the Batman with his own unique temperament, a kind of temperament that belongs to a vampire. Not only because he starred in “The twilight saga” series.

In “The Batman”, Batman wears a backpack and rides a motorcycle through the back streets of Gotham City.

He deliberately blacked out his eyes behind the mask to look like an underground rocker. The narration, muttering gloomily, calls himself “The Avenger”.

The gangsters are afraid of him, the police are annoying him, and the gangsters hate him.

He has the hardest punches in the city, but won’t go unscathed in a fight. He would be knocked down by ordinary people, even with a gun to the head.

"The Batman": Detective Batman is serious about the case

He is no longer secretive, and will walk into nightclubs and police stations through the main entrance wearing a shirt. He likes to use his head and acts as a consultant for the police, just like a Sherlock Holmes.

Of course, Batman will not be the “easy chair detective” like Sherlock Holmes, he must still be a tough guy.

When looking for evidence, he was often possessed by the spirit of Rorschach in “Watchmen”, who used his fist to pry open the suspect’s mouth.

It should be noted that although “The Batman” returns Batman to the detective attributes, it does not completely de-superhero.

Batman’s gear is still worthy of his rich status.

"The Batman": Detective Batman is serious about the case

For example, a bulletproof and explosion-proof battle suit; a cloak that can be transformed into a wing suit and equipped with a parachute; a contact lens that can be used as a driving recorder and can also make video calls.

And the car!

In “The Batman”, whether it is a motorcycle or a four-wheeled vehicle, it is full of retro and heavy, full of mechanical feeling.

The car chase between Batman and The Penguin is one of the best action scenes in the film.

This time, Batman did not rely on the high-tech equipment of the chariot to crush his opponents, but showed his car skills on the street like Vin Diesel.

After getting out of the car, Batman never looked back, even though the fire was blazing behind him.

"The Batman": Detective Batman is serious about the case

The photographer of “The Batman” is Greig Fraser, who has shot “Dune” and “The Mandalorian”. His participation makes the pictures of “The Batman” not only have the grandeur of a commercial blockbuster, but also the strong sense of the author’s film.

Also, I’d like to call “The Batman” the darkest Batman movie, both in terms of content and visuals.

“The Batman” director Matt Reeves sent an open letter to theaters around the world a few days ago, suggesting that the screen brightness be adjusted to no less than 14FL.

Watching “The Batman”, it’s important to choose a good screen.

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