The second trailer of “Thor: Love and Thunder” is unveiled, what are the highlights to look forward to?

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“Thor: Love and Thunder‎”, scheduled for release on July 8, 2022, is the most important film in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the most anticipated Marvel movie of 2022.


Today, Marvel released the second trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder”. In the trailer, the villain Gorr the God Butcher officially appeared, but his shape was complained by some netizens that it was too ugly.

You know, in the original comic book, Gorr the God Butcher’s appearance is not good-looking, and even looks a bit “Cthulhu”.


So, where did this villain come from?

In the comic’s origin story, Gorr turns out to be an ordinary, low-combat alien who, along with his race, worships the gods, believing that the gods will protect them.


But one day, Gorr’s family was killed by foreign invaders, and he was the only one left to survive. This made him question his beliefs, and even resented the gods. He couldn’t figure out why the gods didn’t protect his family.

One day, a few years later, Gorr found two gods of unknown origin descending from the sky and engaged in a fierce battle on his planet. This was the first time Gorr saw the gods.


When the two gods were dying, Gorr was about to step forward to watch, but he didn’t expect to be possessed by the symbiote on one of the gods.

Surprisingly, Gorr, who had a strong desire for revenge against the gods, controlled the symbiote with his strong willpower, and obtained part of the power of the symbiote god Knull.


After gaining strength, he decides to get justice for his family, he vows to slay all the gods, and Gorr begins his way of slaying the gods.

According to official sources, Gorr the God Butcher will be played by Christian Bale, who played the old Batman.


As we all know, Bale has a handsome face and superb acting skills, but his appearance does not play any role in “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

So whether Gorr the God Butcher can be an impressive villain depends entirely on Bale’s acting.


It is said that Gorr the God Butcher will be the most eerie and terrifying villain in Marvel movie history. So this time playing Gorr the God Butcher will be a huge challenge for Christian Bale, and this is also one of the highlights of the film.

In the trailer, in addition to showing a powerful and ugly villain, Marvel also sent fans a wave of perks from Chris Hemsworth.


When Chris Hemsworth was wrapped in a cloak and confronted Zeus, the king of the gods in Greece, Zeus used his divine power to wave his hand, and Chris Hemsworth’s full body clothes were instantly bounced off, allowing Thor to appear naked in front of the gods, and by the way Stunned several of Zeus’ waitresses.

I have to say this scene is very interesting.

Another highlight is Thor’s ex-girlfriend Jane Foster. In this work, Jane Foster incarnates as the goddess of Thor.


According to the plot in the comics, Jane suffers from cancer, but unexpectedly gains the power of Thor. But every time she took up Thor’s Hammer to transform, it would cause her condition to worsen.

Ultimately, Jane Foster had to make sacrifices in order to defeat a formidable foe. I don’t know if the movie will continue to use the settings of the comics. If so, it is estimated that there will be a knife.

Educated youth sources revealed that “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be Thor’s last solo film, but the total length of the film is only 115 minutes, which is 15 minutes shorter than the previous film “Thor: Ragnarok”.

The second trailer of "Thor: Love and Thunder" is unveiled, what are the highlights to look forward to?

It is precisely because of this that this film is so precious and even more exciting.

I hope “Thor: Love and Thunder‎” can surprise us like its predecessors, and also lay a good foundation for the fifth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So, let’s wait and see!

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