“All of Us Are Dead”: 7 exciting things to watch first!

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On average, the streaming platform Netflix releases one original Korean drama every month. Last year, it also launched a lot of shocking works, including “DP Dog Day”, “Squid Game”, “Hellbound” and other hits, many fans of the show We are all looking forward to what shocking works will be launched this year. Netflix’s first original Korean drama to be launched in the spring of 2022 this year is the manga adaptation of “All of Us Are Dead”.

The story focuses on a peaceful high school campus. Unexpectedly, the virus invaded and the students became zombies after being infected. Unmutated people began to fight against the living corpses to find a way to survive.

The roles of this work are also dominated by new-generation actors, including “Squid Game” Lee Yu Mi also joined the ranks of fighting monsters, let’s take a look at the most exciting zombie fighting drama “All of Us Are Dead”. !

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

Many of Netflix’s original Korean dramas are adapted from comics.

Including “D.P Dog Day” and “Hellbound” are also comic adaptations, and “All of Us Are Dead” is also a web comic adaptation. The original work is a web comic created by writer Joo Dong-Geun and serialized on LINE WEBTOON in 2009.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

However, the manga was originally called “지금 우리 학교는” before it was renamed “All of Us Are Dead” with the same name as the TV series.

The comic is a high-scoring work with close to full marks. The thriller style and the exciting plot of fighting the living corpse have caused many comic fans to discuss at that time. However, the comics are also heavily bloody and exciting, so please watch carefully.

02 The theme of Korean zombies is not tired of shooting, this time the living corpses entered the high school campus!

Over the years, Korea has launched many TV series and movies about zombies, and K-Zombie is constantly evolving.

Including the classic “Train to Busan” series, the costume series “Kingdom”, as well as the apartment fighting zombie “Happiness”, and even the advanced version of the “Sweet Home” monster fighting masterpiece, each of which is heavier than the other. taste.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

And what will “All of Us Are Dead” bring us?

The background of the plot is set on the campus of Xiaoshan High School. Unexpectedly, the zombie virus spreads in the school, but the students on the campus cannot escape.

Isolated and helpless, the students can only do their best to survive, but they encounter all kinds of sinister events and the test of human nature.

This time, the main battlefield of fighting monsters took place on campus, and the protagonist was also played by a new generation of actors as high school students!

03 “All of Us Are Dead” is a bloody stimulation, and the zombie stunt has been greatly upgraded!

“There is no hope, we will all die.” “All of Us Are Dead” has now released an adrenaline-pumping pre-trailer and an official trailer. From the trailer, you can see many crazy bloody scenes.

Former friends and classmates turned into zombies one by one.

And the zombies are no longer just blindly rushing forward and biting people, and even fold the whole person back, and they will crawl on the ground and attack quickly.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

The appearance of the bloody mouth makes the audience feel frightened. The combat power of the entire zombie stunt has been greatly upgraded, and the athletic ability is very good.

It can be said that it is even more difficult to defeat these energetic zombies.

After watching the trailer, many netizens also called out that these young zombie actors have excellent acting skills, and the zombie apocalypse where the evolution of living corpses detonates can be said to be the biggest attraction of the whole drama!

04 “All of Us Are Dead” students team up to fight monsters to test humanity, who can survive to the end?

Many viewers also called “All of Us Are Dead” a comprehensive version of “Squid Game” and “Train to Busan”.

“Train to Busan” is the originator of the Korean film and television zombie theme. The story takes place on the train to Busan. After there are humans on the train, the survivors use wit and force to fight monsters in order to survive.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

Even “All of Us Are Dead” paid tribute to “Train to Busan” and said: “This is a reappearance of ‘Train to Busan’, zombies should appear in the movie, how can they appear in our school”.

And “Squid Game” players are stuck in one place and can’t get out. In order to survive and win prizes, they are looking for like-minded people to form a team. “All of Us Are Dead” is also stuck in school and can’t get out.

Many surviving classmates also began to form teams to fight monsters, using their own strengths and various tools. Like an archer who draws the bow frantically, to see who can survive to the end.

All three works are survival stories that test human nature.

05 “All of Us Are Dead” also has crazy and exciting scenes, and the classic zombies are reproduced?

“All of Us Are Dead” can be seen from the public preview that a large scene was shot in a campus scene, and it was shot overhead using a method like drone aerial photography.

From the top to the bottom, the zombies are rushing on the campus, and the densely packed ants are scurrying around, making people goosebumps and creepy.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

Zombies also frequently appear in playgrounds, corridors, student dining halls, and classrooms. There are even many large-scale blasting scenes. There are also many scenes of zombies crowding together and rushing.

In addition, although the main point of the play is the campus where it took place, it seems that this infectious disease has also spread outside the campus, and it has fallen everywhere.

Helicopters were constantly spinning over the disaster, and even the special attack team was dispatched. It can be said to be exciting!

06 “All of Us Are Dead” new generation of actors gather, “Squid Game” Lee Yu Mi joins to fight monsters!

Of course, because the main battlefield of “All of Us Are Dead” took place on campus, a new generation of actors was recruited to star in it.

The 20-year-old actor Chan-young Yoon plays the male lead Lee Cheong-san, who is characterized by a stable personality, quick judgment, and vows to protect the female classmate he has a crush on.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

It is expected that this drama can also see the development of emotional lines, and Nam On-jo played by Ji-Hoo Park is a popular goddess in the campus. Her advantage is that the firefighter dad has taught her many survival skills, which will come in handy in this zombie survival battle.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

Choi Nam-ra, played by Yi-hyun Cho, a new-generation actor whose performance in the “Hospital Playlist” series has opened up popularity, is the first student in the school. Can she use her bright mind to get out of trouble?

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

Park Solomon’s handsome appearance has caused a lot of discussion in the past. He played the leading role in the 2017 web drama “복수노트”, and his handsome appearance caused a lot of discussion at that time.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

This time he plays Lee Su-hyeok in “All of Us Are Dead”, a high school student who dreams of becoming a soldier, and he is also a strong supporter of friends.

And Yoo In-soo in “All of Us Are Dead” as Yoon Gwi-nam, a repeat student who is more dangerous than zombies, is expected to be the villain among the students.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

Sang-yeon Son’s recent performance “라켓소년단” has attracted attention, and he is looking forward to his performance as Jang Woo-jin in “All of Us Are Dead”.

Lee Yoo-mi, who only starred in the hit drama “Squid Game” last year, received a lot of attention, and this time he also participated in the role of “All of Us Are Dead”.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

And her outfit is the most eye-catching, the one in the pink school uniform who plays Lee Na-yeon in the play, she is expected to have a reverse character performance!

07 The characters of “All of Us Are Dead” are all familiar, but Kim Byung-chul is the villain?

Although “All of Us Are Dead” is a drama focusing on the new generation of actors, the adult characters are also worthy of attention.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

Kyu-hyung Lee just finished “Happiness” in the first work, and turned into a zombie in the play, and then appeared in “All of Us Are Dead” in the second work, playing Song Jae-ik. He’s a detective investigating the zombie virus incident, but he’s the opposite of another grown-up character.

This role was played by Byeong-cheol Kim. Many people saw Byeong-cheol Kim play and exclaimed: Why is it you again! ?

Byeong-cheol Kim has played villains in many works, including “The Lonely and Great God”, “SKY Castle”, “Sisyphus: the myth” and other works are annoying villains.

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

This time he is no exception in “All of Us Are Dead”, where he plays the role of Lee Byeong-chan, a science teacher at Hyosan High School.

Lee Byeong-chan was taken by the police on suspicion of imprisoning students, a character who has left a maze of zombie events.

He also said in the play: “Humans have never defeated a virus. Instead of dying as a human, I hope he might as well survive as a monster.”

The horror words are creepy, is this all a conspiracy of Byeong-cheol Kim? The wrestling of the adults is not lost to the students!

"All of Us Are Dead": 7 exciting things to watch first!

The above are the highlights of “All of Us Are Dead”. Is it really worth it?

The thrilling and bloody zombie work “All of Us Are Dead” will be released on January 28, and will be updated for 12 episodes at a time.

A new campus living corpse thriller is coming!

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