The ending analysis of “Black Widow”: How to connect to the MCU

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe finally tells the origin story of Natasha in “Black Widow“. Although this is an ending, it is also somewhat forward-looking.

With the expiration of Scarlett Johansson’s contract, there is little chance of a return in the future (it undoubtedly depends on some narrative method).

The story about her origin is very clear.

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In the end, the beginning and the end of “Black Widow” are exactly the same as people predicted: it happened after “Captain America 3” and before “Avengers 3” respectively.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

But the timeline of the Marvel Universe is now no longer linear.

Natasha’s story took place in the 1990s, and a key event that occurred in Budapest about 20 years later.

What is more important to who Natasha is is not the Red Room, but what is happening around her.

After ten years of brewing, “Black Widow” may now be the best time to play, although it is well suited for the third stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is a story closely related to the experience of abused and victimized women. Just like Natasha’s own late story, Marvel has never told such a story before.

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The following is the true meaning of the ending of “Black Widow“, its connection with other Marvel movies, and what it means for the future of the Marvel universe.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

Someone from the Black Widow finally came to her tomb to mourn

This is not the much-anticipated funeral of Tony Stark after the endgame, but fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally saw a tribute to Natasha.

After she escaped from the Red House, her sister was sad for her, not for the family she chose.

This is the most appropriate ending, because their relationship has always been real.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

What is Yelena’s next plan? Who did she meet on the grave of the Black Widow?

For those who have not watched “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier“, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a new character in the Marvel Universe, and she is authorized to hire and own for an unidentified project Super-powered person.

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There is speculation that this may be the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of “Dark Avengers”.

Importantly, she now has two new members, Yelena and the new Captain America John Walker.

In the conversation with Yelena, she seemed to have a feeling of dissatisfaction.

This atmosphere lasted so long that when Valentina handed her a file about a goal, she called it “your next goal.”

When she recruited her is unclear, but it should be before John Walker in chronological order.

Importantly, Valentina explained why Hawkeye was her next mission, and he was the person responsible for Natasha’s death.

Yelena believes that Valentina knows more about Hawkeye than she said, and her plan involves making enemies with the Avengers.

What is the red mark in the black widow’s file? (Did she untie it?)

After the Avengers Natasha had a “red file” in the conversation with Loki, Black Widow finally explained what her crime was.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

Instigated by Loki, Natasha is troubled by “Drekov’s Daughter” because she was forced to kill innocent people in order to defeat the leader of the Red Room.

Given the instincts of Natasha’s maternal instinct elsewhere in the Marvel universe, it makes sense that crime hurts her more.

Most importantly, when Dreykov’s daughter was found to be an enhanced version of the Black Widow, Natasha rescued her from her father’s confinement, and he seemed to be atoneting for his sins.

But is it really so?

It has to be said that Natasha and Hawkeye’s mission in Budapest still caused serious injuries, resulting in Dreykov’s daughter becoming a black widow.

Although she is now “free”, she may have to face a future similar to Bucky’s release from the procedure.

This may make Natasha feel better, but it does not mean that the influence of the red mark on her file is over.

Why does Black Widow return to the Avengers in “Avengers: Infinity War”?

The final scene of “Black Widow” shows that Natasha purchased a Quinn fighter during her last meeting with Mason.

In hindsight, this may be the reason why Harpy Hogan was able to serve as the asset manager of the Stark Group, because his predecessor was likely to be fired.

This allowed her to join Captain America’s secret Avengers, because she mentioned that she wanted to help her friends escape from prison.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

This changed the ending of the civil war, but it also explained why the Black Widow joined the Avengers after escaping.

In the end, by recognizing the Avengers, she realized that superheroes are her real family.

It’s like she and Yelena are united because of the common trauma, which makes their false sisterhood so real.

Natasha realized that it was the common experience of the Avengers that made them a real family.

After some normal life, this may be the only explanation for the call from the Hulk and Natasha in Avengers 2.

She regards joining the Avengers as an obligation to make up for her past sins.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

In the end, she chose to rejoin the Secret Avengers of Captain America. Even General Ross is still following her because she owes them.

In the end, it was this instinct that made her sacrifice herself so that Hawkeye could survive.

Natasha’s mental journey seems to imply that no matter who goes to Vormere with her, she will choose to sacrifice herself.

How the Black Widow escaped General Ross

Curiously, General Ross seems to be a problem that Black Widow has never been interested in solving, even though he appears at the end of the movie.

The fall of the Red Room made Ross’s guards find out where Natasha was. She did not run away, nor did she join the other black widows who fled. She said she would hold them.

She already has the next plan.

Because Natasha let her first family escape to perform the mission of rescuing other black widows scattered around the world.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

But this scene ends here. Did General Ross and Natasha meet? Nor did it explain how this encounter took place.

She didn’t have anything to exchange with him, because she sent the data from the Red Room away with Yelena.

Of course, Natasha did not kill Ross, because he appeared again in “Avengers 3“.

The only possible solution was that she stayed long enough until Ross saw it, and then she ran away.

This also explains why in “Avengers 3“, she and Captain America, Falcon have been on the run.

Strangely, this episode was not mentioned.

Why did Yelena give her vest to Natasha? (Why is it so important in Avengers 3)

One of the stinger in “Black Widow” confirmed that Natasha’s vest in “Avengers 3” was given by Yelena.

At the end of the movie, Yelena bought herself a vest because there were so many pockets that could hold a lot of things, and hinted that she knew her sister was envious of her.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

But this is more than just a vest.

When Natasha laughed at the vest, Yelena said that this vest represented her first opportunity to express her thoughts after decades of being controlled by the Red Room.

Yelena’s giving it to her sister has a double symbolic meaning: it is not only a symbol of love, but it also symbolizes that Natasha herself finally released herself after she got rid of the shadow of Dreykov.

The tragedy is that this did not last long.

What will happen to the black widows?

Although “Avengers 4” ended Natasha’s existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order, the brand of Black Widow will continue to exist.

Yelena can continue to use this code name while working for Valentina, but she is not the only black widow in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The ending analysis of "Black Widow": How to connect to the MCU

Another problem is that the black widows handed control of Dreykov to Melina and Alexei.

Some people may return to their lives, but as Natasha is forced to atone for what she has done (she shared this journey with Bucky), it is likely that some people will fight the forces of darkness in search of justice. .

Maybe the director wants to make a sequel to Black Widow without Scarlett Johansson.

What does the ending of Black Widow mean?

Avengers 4: Endgame” committed the biggest crime against the Black Widow not to kill her, but to try to convince the audience that she was not worthy of being missed.

The story of Natasha has never been described in detail in the Marvel Universe, which is unfair.

She is either a supporting role or a minor hero, or her story is missed.

Regardless of the specific plot of the Black Widow, the most important significance is that she finally saw the reversal.

Not only that, the story of Natasha, and the story of the released Red Room victim, is a condemnation of the abuse of young women.

Even ten years ago, this movie did not exist at all.

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