‘The Boys Season 3’ Solider Boy talks about why he’s in the show, fascinating background of the character

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According to an interview with Gamespot, Jensen Ackles, who plays “Solider Boy” in ‘The Boys Season 3’, talked about how the character’s background was a big part of what attracted him to the role, and how he himself is a big fan of ‘The Boys’ series.


Solider Boy is one of the first supermen on Earth and a member of the superhero organization “Payback”.

Jensen Ackles, who plays Solider Boy, also played the role of Dean Winchester in ‘Supernatural’.

It’s worth noting that Eric Kripke, the showrunner of ‘The Boys’, is also one of the creators of ‘Supernatural’.

Eric Kripke spoke in an interview: “I’m very happy to have Jensen Ackles on the series. I’m certainly a fan of his, and he specializes in drama, comedy, emotion, and action performances. That’s exactly what ‘The Boys Season 3’ needs.”

“I have high praise for him as an actor. He is a very mature actor who can shift between different roles. I think he was also very excited about the possibilities. He did it and he created a completely different character than Dean in ‘Supernatural’. I think people are going to be amazed when they see this character.”

Speaking of Solider Boy Eric Kripke said, “The character of Solider Boy, including his participation in the superhero organization “Payback” and other elements are the original restoration of its comic series.”


‘The Boys Season 3’ is the story of a group of self-formed “pickets” who fight Vought International to stop the corrupt “superheroes” from abusing their superpowers and harming the world. The story is about a group of self-formed “pickets” who fight to the death against the evil superpowers of Vought International to stop corrupt “superheroes” from abusing their superpowers.

‘The Boys Season 3’ is a drama series directed by Philip Sgriccia , which starts on June 3, 2022 on the streaming platform Prime Video.

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