“The Boys Season 3”: In this R-rated American drama, you can really see the “dick explosion”

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The past few years have been the most popular era for “superheroes”. Countless superhero graphic novels have been adapted into movies and series, and brought to the screen into millions of households.

And then Marvel launched the superhero universe, one after another movie released, harvesting fans’ emotions and wallets.

However, this almost formulaic heroic story, but also gradually let people feel tedious.

So, a few years ago came out a “counter-traditional” American drama ‘The Boys’, to those gloriously beautiful super British Q males to a reconstruction of the “smear”. The effect is surprisingly very good, once the opening of the show was a big hit.


The Boys’ Season 2 is also well-received while the iron is hot.

The Boys Season 3′ started on June 3, and its word-of-mouth remains strong, with a fresh certification from Rotten Tomatoes on its opening day.

Currently, the freshness rate is 96% and the popcorn index is 85% (the freshness rate on the opening day is 95%); the average score of the first 3 episodes of IMDB is 9.1.

If the biggest gimmick of ‘The Boys’ is mainly the reconstruction of the definition of superheroes and bloody and violent large-scale images, then the show’s goal is to direct a variety of sharp and biting satire of American social problems, is a very full and interesting lining, so that people are very enjoyable to watch.

And the third season maintains the usual style and visual standard of ‘The Boys’, while the plot content and mockery of the whole live compared to the first two seasons, another step up.

After two years of the third season, many viewers may be a bit unable to catch the plot, so before talking about the plot of the third season, we first briefly give new and old readers a review of what was said in the first two seasons.

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In the world of ‘The Boys’, the image of “superpowered people” is very subversive.

The traditional impression of superheroes should be to uphold justice and save the world, but in this show, “superheroes” has become a business.

For example, Vought International manages ‘The Seven’, who are like stars, making movies, commercials, and having writers write autobiographies and books for them, and even selling their images for money.

Every one of their trips is planned, including styled speeches, and every word has to maintain a good image.


It can be said to be an all-around three-dimensional way to create a persona for the public to worship and then give the company to circle money.

And even if you have superpowers, or will be controlled by capital, to make money for the company will be promoted, not to be suppressed.

In this environment, they gradually lost their original intention. What to punish evil and help others, what ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ sense of mission are left behind, more important is to get the number of dividends and their fans up or not, the inner evil is also gradually magnified.

Like the Seven in the A-Train in order to maintain the “world’s fastest man” title, drug special stimulants, even if the side effects are sexual dysfunction and fatal osteoporosis at any cost, and even in the end he killed his lover to keep his secret.


Another member, The Deep, is superficially polished but has an inferior and perverted personality. He has ugly gills on his body and tricks Starlight, a new member to the company, into eating his bottom.


The captain of “Super the Seven”, Homelander, is a real demon, his ability is powerful, comparable to the combination of Superman and Captain America.


In front of the camera, he was all righteousness and righteousness, saying “I will save you” in his speech to the people.

And in actual action, he paid no attention whatsoever to the lives of innocent people, and even watched as planes crashed and hundreds of people died in order to achieve his own goals.


Vought International is also their umbrella. How about the private heroes, drugs and murder do not matter, as long as you still have commercial value, there are economic companies, promotional teams, public relations outsourcing one-stop whitewashing services, just like reality.

What should ordinary people do when seemingly righteous superhumans go unchecked and start to do whatever they want?

The DC world of Batman asked this question after witnessing the tremendous destructive power of Superman, and this question was also thrown into the world of ‘The Boys’.

Someone has given the answer, and they are ‘The Boys’.

Billy, Hughie, Kimiko, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk (from left)

No one to regulate, they take charge. Since the law does not help, we have to resort to violence and use violence to fight violence to maintain justice.

As ordinary humans without superpowers, they can only use their minds to confront and lynch the superheroes who are doing wrong.

The members of ‘The Boys’ have almost all had their loved ones killed by superheroes, so they all have a deep hatred for them.

For example, at the beginning of the story Hughie, he watched his girlfriend being crushed into pieces by the A-Train running at high speed.

This makes him from a fanatic fan of superheroes quickly “blackened”, but also let him from a cowardly young man quickly mature.


But Hughie’s transformation is a bit heavy-handed, in Season 1 ‘The Boys’ captured Translucent, but because of Translucent’s special skin structure, there is only one way to kill him – to stuff his rectum The bomb.

The detonator of the bomb falls into Hughie’s hands by mistake, and then comes a bloody baptism of revenge.

Billy, the captain of ‘the boys’, is also a tough guy. Because of the family hardships since childhood, he developed a violent but fierce and decisive character, and later had a wife who loved him, and gradually lived a happy and happy life.

But unfortunately, one day Billy’s wife was raped by Homelander and mysteriously disappeared, so he and Homelander, Vought International have formed a feud.


If the most eye-catching aspect of ‘The Boys’ is the violent scenes, then the highlight of its plot is the anti-cliché narrative.

This is not only reflected in the dismantling and reconstruction of superheroes, but also in the shaping of anti-traditional characters.

In the game with the evil superhumans, Billy also gradually showed their own evil. He only wanted to avenge his wife, but the revenge rose to the greater good of all mankind, and even sometimes did not hesitate to be involved in the life and death of his partner.

How does Billy’s flawed personality get along with his teammates, and how do the members of ‘The Boys’, with their different mindsets, set aside their preconceptions and achieve the feat of “mortal kills god”? This is also one of the major points of the episode.

Season 2, which immediately followed, unveiled the secrets behind Vought International.

In the play, Vought International is not just an ordinary company engaged in entertainment, their ancestors are actually backed by the German Third Reich to start.

During World War II, Frederick, the founder of Vought International, invented a super-serum called Chem 5, but the defeat of the Nazis caused Frederick’s family to flee to the United States.

In order to gain a foothold, he used the serum as a bargaining chip to create an “advanced replica” of Captain America: Solider Boy.


And the truth about superhumans is also thanks to Vought International’s extensive experimentation with drugs on civilians.

This episode is quite a lot in the connotation of the old American drug companies always secretly take the ordinary American people to do drug experiments as.

With more and more superhumans under the company’s control, the company’s top brass gradually put their hands on politics, but some other superhumans led by Homelander are not satisfied with the company’s top brass, and the conflict of interest between the two parties is getting bigger and bigger.

And Vought International, in order to counterbalance Homelander, also brought a new role for the Seven – Stormfront .

Although Stormfront is not as powerful as Homelander, as a Nazi legacy, Stormfront knows how to put on a show and compel people more than Homelander. Behind the scenes, she is also more cruel and extreme than Homelander.

Season 2’s plot mainly revolves around the conflict between Vought International, Homelander’s superhumans, and Billy’s ‘The Boys’ to start, in general, more focused than Season 1’s plot, and less of a good job of keeping up with current events, but still able to make We can still enjoy watching.

It is worth one that Homelander’s image is more three-dimensional and full in Season 2.

Whether it’s his affectionate interaction with his son or the classic eternal flow to the moon… To be honest the episode did shape an extremely watchable and memorable villain from all sides.


And in reality, the actor playing Homelander also staged a good job of beating people in the street to be sentenced to jail, and even for a while let us blur the line between reality and fantasy world …

Season 2 of the final Stormfront and Homelander two villains hooked up to a piece, originally a good form, but Stormfront a strange operation (in a chase to kill Ryan’s mother) by Homelander’s son Ryan with a laser burned, the whole body is not left.

Homelander not only lost the woman he loved, but also lost the trust of his son forever.

On the other hand, Hughie and Starlight gradually came together because of their compatible views. ‘The Boys’ also got a lot of black information about Vought International from Starlight, and they contacted Senator Neuman to hold a hearing against Vought International.

But to my surprise, Senator Neuman is not only a super human, but also the stepdaughter of Stan, the leader of Vought International.

She used her superpowers to kill the witnesses one by one in the hearing, using a high-energy hearing tragedy to bring Season 2 to a close.

The third season, after two years, opens with the familiar large scale performance.

Superhero Termite , similar to Marvel’s Ant-Man, can freely change body size.

After doing drugs with his partner, Termite decided to give his partner a unique experience and shrank down to drill into his lower body.

When he was enjoying, a sneeze caught him off guard to regain his original form, the result was the instant bursting of his companion’s lower body, the blood splattering that is a tragic …

This is probably the first time I saw such a refreshingly unconventional way to die in an American drama, and the older brothers who have seen this picture probably feel the same way, so much so that the first two days aired on top of the social media hot search.

To that, I can only say no shame to you, ‘The Boys’.


The boys’ old friends now have a quiet and peaceful life, Hughie has joined Superhero Affairs, Mother’s Milk has a new family, and Kimeko is retiring.

Vought International also seems to be a lot more honest, honestly shot the film “Stormfront battle the Seven”, daily flirtation with Marvel and DC.

Superhero Affairs’ Hughie discovers the man behind the Senator Neuman hearing fiasco, while Billy is injected with compound five and has Homelander-like energy in his eyes.

The dragon slayer is about to grow the claws and teeth of the dragon, so where do ‘the boys’ go from here?

The first three episodes in one sitting, the plot is compact and does not drag, the ambush threads laid in the previous season have a very good account of the undertaking, is indeed to afford the rating.

And there is no shortage of ironic highlights in these episodes, such as the “evil” Homelander, who has nothing left to lose at this point.

Stormfront has never been on the verge of losing control like he is now, with his family gone, and his captaincy taken by Starlight.

But the plot here again to a reverse set: Homelander finally in front of the public to unmask the perfect, outbreak of some impassioned, full of fuck self-explosive speech, in turn, he became the rural white male eyes of the real sex pure man, his popularity super doubled, back to the top.


Homelander in order to run the persona for so many years, until the broken can only find that they have been wrong about the biggest source of votes.

But then again, the show has developed into its third season, the number of these satirical good jobs that keep up with current events has declined somewhat, but the good news is that the strength remains.

For example, because the “Super Seven New Era” movie was a box office failure, the producers wanted to make a documentary “A-Train to Africa” to please black people.

This and the reality of the MCU film universe inside the most mediocre ‘Black Panther’ breathtakingly won seven Oscars, the box office explosion of the same example.

Honestly, such a whole life in the “politically correct” control of the works of European and American culture is rare to see.


For my own viewing pleasure, ‘The Boys’ Season 3 has just started, and I’ve already found the joy of watching Season 1 back in the day.

And in these episodes, Homelander from the release of the sweet, Billy this ruthless man has his most disgusting superpower, Vought International secretly arranged manpower, a big show has just opened the curtain.

With the holidays coming up, we can take our time and look forward to it.

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