‘The Batman’ director Matt Reeves talks about Ben Affleck’s version of ‘Batman’: the film’s setting is wonderful

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Recently, ‘The Batman’ director Matt Reeves in a recent interview, mentioned the DC universe in the role of Batman Ben Affleck’s independent film, and said that in the previous project, the film will be quite wonderful.


Previously, DC wanted to shoot a ‘Batman’ stand-alone film for Ben Affleck, but for various reasons ultimately failed to materialize.

In which Ben Affleck will direct + star in this film, and the original plot story of the film set to feature the popular character Deathstroke versus Big Ben’s version of Batman.

Matt Reeves explained, “It’s a standalone Batman movie, centered on a version of Big Ben’s character, but it has a little more action than my movie, and it could be a very exciting movie for other people.”


Reeves added: “Interestingly, I think Big Ben wasn’t so sure he wanted to make and produce the film, because he ultimately passed on ‘Batman’ …… Probably because of his choices in life at the time and his desire to accomplish what he wanted to do.”

However, Ben Affleck’s version of Batman will not disappear from the big screen, he will also reprise his role in ‘The Flash’ in 2023.

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