Taika Waititi Talks “Our Flag Means Death” to “Vanity Fair”

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Taika Waititi spoke to ‘Vanity Fair’ about ‘Our Flag Means Death’ and the show’s different rice circle from his other works, saying he doesn’t go on social media much anymore (“For me, social media lost what was fascinating, interesting and entertaining”), but he very loves watching doujin: “For ‘Our Flag Means Death,’ doujin is the thing that makes me the happiest.

There are some really great doujin charts, especially Stede


“He also said he didn’t expect the show to resonate so widely and strongly with the LGBTQ+ community, and he thinks the reason is that they deliberately avoided emphasizing and judging a character as gay, or labeling, in the show so an interesting world of pirates, vagabonds and disorderly people, whether they are good or bad people accept these, and are not so sexually Conformity, “you just be yourself, we do not talk about what is public order and morality, anything, let’s sail away.”

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