Taika Waititi talks about whether ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ will have a director’s cut

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Thor: Love and Thunder’ recently arrived in theaters, and many viewers called for the release of the director’s cut.

Taika Waititi talks about whether 'Thor: Love and Thunder' will have a director's cut | FMV6

Director Taika Waititi said of the film, “I’ve been thinking about a director’s cut. I’ve seen a lot of other director’s cuts, and they’re terrible, and directors aren’t very good at editing. Sometimes the director needs to be controlled. Four and a half hours would insert a lot of tea breaks, without even pausing.”

He said his director’s cut is four and a half hours long, with a lot of boring episodes in between, and the audience doesn’t have to take a special pause if they want to.

“My director’s cut will probably have more funny scenes.” He explained, “There may be a few deleted scenes, but as I said, a scene must have been deleted because it wasn’t good enough to be in the movie. I think the deleted scenes on the DVD should just be a list of some deleted scenes where the audience can’t watch them.”

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