What story does “Thor: Love and Thunder” tell? Is it worth watching?

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After the premiere at the Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, the distribution unit of “Thor: Love and Thunder” brought key members of the cast and crew to the Odeon Theatre in Leicester Square, London, to meet with the media.

According to a review in ‘Variety’ magazine, Chris Hemsworth is a decent supporter of his beloved goddess in a supporting role. In his own words, it’s been eight years, seven months and six days since we last met (Thor 2), and he’s willing to go through fire and water to win Jane Foster’s heart.

What story does "Thor: Love and Thunder" tell? Is it worth watching? | FMV6

Although the relationship between the two is not immune to times of tension, and even sparks with lightning, that is also for laughs, the two are dating while teaming up against the villain Gorr the God Butcher, the typical Marvel Daily Quest.

But the brilliance of director Taika Waititi is that he uses the standard Marvel workflow as a canvas to apply all kinds of unbridled graffiti, dressing up a living room decoration as a blustery beast of a work, pushing the characters off the pedestal and stripping them of their sacred shells.

When Chris Hemsworth met Hela, along with the elimination of Mjolnir, he also fell from the altar of God, into the hands and feet of mortals, mortals can only rely on wisdom and will to turn over.

What story does "Thor: Love and Thunder" tell? Is it worth watching? | FMV6

Taika Waititi’s small-mindedness is clear to see, and if he didn’t tease the film with such gags, the film would be so heavy that he might not have the mastery to handle it.

For example, Zeus and the cosmic party he hosted, Taika Waititi turned it into a raucous cosplay, Russell Crowe’s Zeus is a Venetian Merchant

What story does "Thor: Love and Thunder" tell? Is it worth watching? | FMV6

The second half of the film is again guilty of the old Marvel tiger’s head – everyone likes Guardians of the Galaxy, but Guardians of the Galaxy mess is offensive, this deliberate superhero party is more like a commercial carry-over, rather than from the creativity of the filmmakers.

The good thing is that Guardians of the Galaxy as Gorr the God Butcher and Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor injected a powerful aura into the film, enough to suppress the audience’s irreverent thoughts.

Especially after witnessing the love of Thor CP, this comic book adaptation accomplishes its mission with just the right amount of unrestrained emotion: a climactic fight, a close call hostage incident, a powerful villain, the thrill of blasphemy, and a big scene of the crowd.

Yes, comic book movies are ultimately popcorn movies, which is their mission and destiny, but ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is extraordinarily bold, and even has several shining points.

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